Translation Information Source: S102

Edition information
Translator Whitelock, Dorothy
Book Title English Historical Documents, c.400-1042
Series English Historical Documents
Publication Location London and New York
Publisher Routledge
PublicationDate 1999 [reissue of 1979 edition]
Pages 489 [no. 64]
Additional information
Notes In the name of the Lord Jesus. I, Ęthelbald, by divine dispensation king of the Mercians, having been asked by the holy community of Christ dwelling in the place whose name is Worcester, will concede and grant into their free liberty of possession for the redemption of my soul a certain portion of ground on which salt is wont to be made, at the south side of the river which is called Salwarp, in the place which is called Lootwic and Coolbeorg, for the construction of three salthouses and six furnaces; receiving in exchange from the aforementioned community of Christ six other furnaces in two salt houses in which likewise salt is made, namely on the north side of the said river whose name is Salwarp. And we agreed to make this mutual exchange because it seemed more convenient to us both.