Translation Information Source: S160

Edition information
Translator Jenkins, Robert Charles
Book Title The Chartulary of the Monastery of Lyminge
Publication Location Folkestone
Publisher R. Gouden
PublicationDate 1867?
Pages 31-2
Additional information
Notes In the name of the Lord God Almighty, dispenser and governor (of all things). I, Cenwulf, king of the Mercians, and Cuthred, my brother, king of the people of Kent, in the year of our Lord's incarnation 804, have granted to the venerable abbess Selethryth and to her family at the church of St Mary ever virgin, which is situated in the place called Limming, where rests the body of St Eadburg, a certain small portion of land in the city of Canterbury for refuge in time of need that is six acres pertaining to the church which is there placed in honour of St Mary in the west part of the city, whose boundaries are as follows, etc.. And if anyone dare to infringe upon or diminish this our donation, let him know that he will have to render an account in the day of judgement unless he amends his conduct by giving worthy satisfaction to God and men.