Translation Information Source: S1431

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Translator Adams, Henry; Lodge, H. Cabot; et al
Book Title Essays in Anglo-Saxon Law
Publication Location Boston
Publisher Little, Brown & Co.
PublicationDate 1876
Pages 320-1
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Notes In the year of our Lord's incarnation 803, indiction 11 - that is, the seventh year of the reign of Cenwulf, pious king of the Mercians - a synodal council was held at Clovesho, Archbishop Æthelheard presiding … There, among several other matters, a dispute arose between Deneberht, bishop of the church at Worcester, and Wulfheard, bishop of Hereford. Now, Cheltenham and Beckford are monasteries in the diocese of Deneberht, which formerly, in old times, were given to the church of Hereford. In these, Deneberht demanded that his right of refection (suam pastum), which belonged to him by Episcopal right, should be restored to him. Wulfheard, on the other hand, said he ought not to give him any refection, nor had his presdecessors ever had any refection there; and, if it was ever so, now for thirty years and more no-one had ever either demanded or received such refection from him or his predecessors. Then Deneberht narrated with his witness how Bishop Wermund received refection at Beckford, and Hathored, in the same way, at Cheltenham; how, moreover, Wulfheard himself gave many money to him, instead of the refection; and these things he proved with witness. When, in this way, they asserted many things on this side and on that, it came to speech that the archbishop asked Deneberht to give up, for his sake, half of this right of refection, so that he should receive refection always, one year at Beckford, and the second at Cheltenham. Then he replied that he wished and ought in all things to obey his precepts, yet with this limitation, in the witness of the whole synod, to give it for his life only and no longer; and to confirm this in writing, that all his successors may know that he never neglects any thing which rightly pertains to the advantage of the church at Worcester…