Translation Information Source: S1433

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Translator Whitelock, Dorothy
Book Title English Historical Documents, c.400-1042
Edition 2nd edition
Series English Historical Documents
Publication Location London and New York
Publisher Routledge
PublicationDate 1999 [reprint of 1979 edition]
Pages 516-7 [no. 84]
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Notes Our Lord Jesus Christ reigning for ever, who governs the monarchy of the world by his strength ever into eternity. In the year of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ 824, the second indiction, in the reign of Beornwulf, king of the Mercians, a pontifical and synodal council was held in the place which is called Clodesho, the aforesaid king presiding there, and the venerable man, Archbishop Wulfred, directing and guiding that meeting. There, having been assembled, were present all our bishops and abbors and all the principes of the Mercians and many of the wisest men. There among many other discussions, a certain dispute was brought forward between Bishop Heahberht and the community of Berkeley, concerning the inheritance of Æthelric, son of Æthelmund, i.e. the monastery which is called Westbury. Now the afore-named bishop had the land with the title-deeds, just as Æthelric had ordered that it was to revert to the church of Worcester. That agreement, however, was settled and decreed by the archbishop and by all the holy synod, that the bishop, who had the monastery and territory with the deeds, was to swear the land into his own possession with an oath of the servants of God, priests, deacons and many monks. And when the dispute had been thus concluded and written down in the presence of the bishop, that oath was given 30 days later at 'Westminster' [i.e. Westbury]. Wherefore if anyone attempts to remove this estate from that church in the city, let him know that he is acting against the decrees of the holy canons, because the holy canons decree that whatever a holy universal synod with its catholic archbishop had adjudged ought not to be made null or void in any way. And these things were done on 30 October…