Translation Information Source: S1435

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Translator Barker, Eric Ernest
Article Title Sussex Anglo-Saxon Charters
Journal Sussex Archaeological Collections
PublicationDate 1948
Pages 129-30
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Notes In the name of the Lord. In the year 825 from the incarnation of Christ, the third of the indiction, the second year of the reign of Beornwulf king of the Mercians, there was a synod at Clofesho, presided over by Archbishop Wulfred; for after the death of Cenwulf, king of the mercians, there had arisen many quarrels and disagreements between various kings, nobles, and bishops and ministers of the church of God, on various matters of secular business; so that in various places the churches of God were much despoiled of goods, of lands, of tribute [in tributo], and of all manner of things. Among them Cenred, bishop of the South Saxons, had been robbed of a certain part of the land of that church, 25 [hides] which are called Denton; Plegheard the abbot had formerly given it with his own body to the Episcopal see which is in Selsey; before that, King Offa had granted it to him in writing from the inheritance of the church of Beddingham, which he himself had acquired as his own heritage. Then in the aforeseaid synod it was decreed that the bishop, with the unanimous agreement and advice of the bishops, abbots, and nobles, should lawfully receive the inheritance of the church without any interference, just as before it was decreed between King Cenwulf and Wihthun about the possession of the same land, at Chelsea in the presence of archbishop Æthelheard in the third year of King Cenwulf. And this was performed in the presence of the whole synod at Clofesho, with the agreement and permission of the king and the nobles and archbishops, whose names are given below, and who confirmed by the making the mark of the cross of Christ.