Translation Information Source: S1437

Edition information
Translator Robertson, Agnes Janes
Book Title Anglo-Saxon Charters
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Location Cambridge
Publisher Cambridge University Press
PublicationDate 1956
Pages 9
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Notes In the year 825 which had passed since the birth of Christ, and in the course of the second Indiction, and during the reign of Beornwulf, King of Mercia, a council meeting was held in the famous place called Clofesho, and there the said King Beornwulf and his bishops and earldormen and all the councillors of this nation were assembled. Then there was a very noteworthy suit about wood-pasture at Sinton, towards the west in Scirhylte. The reeves in charge of the swineherds wished to extend the pasture farther, and take in more of the wood than the ancient rights permitted. Then the bishop and the advisers of the community said that they would not admit liability for more than had been appointed in Ęthelbald's day, namely mast for 300 swine, and that the bishop and the community should have two-thirds of the wood and of the mast. Then Archbishop Wulfred and all the councillors determined that the bishop and the community might declare an oath that it was so appointed in Ęthelbald's time and that they were not trying to obtain more, and the bishop immediately gave security to Ealdorman Eadwulf to furnish the oath before all the councillors, and it was produced in 30 days at the bishop's seat at Worcester. At that time Hama was the reeve [Suangerefa] at Sinton, and he rode until he reached Worcester, and watched and observed the oath, as Ealdorman Eadwulf bade him, but did not challenge it.