Translation Information Source: S206

Edition information
Translator Whitelock, Dorothy
Book Title English Historical Documents, c.500-1042
Edition 2nd edition
Series English Historical Documents
Publication Location London and New York
Publisher Routledge
PublicationDate 1999 [reprint of 1979 edition]
Pages 526-7 [no. 80]
Additional information
Notes In the name of Almighty God and our Lord Jesus Christ, who lives for ever. Amen. I, Burgred, by the help of God and the concession of the Ruler of all realms, king of the Mercians, in bestowing in perpetual alms for myself the agreement and privilege of this liberty on my eminent pontiff and faithful friend Ealhhun and his community at Worcester, with the advice and license of all my chief men, will securely grant and write this liberty for them, in these territories and places, i.e. 10 hides at Ablington by the Coln, and 9 hides at Poulton, and likewise 6 hides at Barnsley, and 5 hides at Eisey. Thus these lands are to be freed from all services and fiscal dues, great and small, of king or princeps or their deputies for ever in every matter except only four causes, bridges and fortresses and military service against enemies, and simple compensation is to be paid to another, and nothing outside in fines. And I will also free the land of 3 hides in Bently, on the west side of the Severn, from the pasturing of the king's swine, which is called 'fern-pasture'. The afore-named bishop has granted to me on account of the delivery of this privilege two gold armlets of skilled workmanship, which weigh 45 mancuses… And the donation of this privilege was done in the year of our Lord's incarnation 855, the third indiction, in the place which is called Oswaldesdun, when the pagans were in Wreocensetun.