Translation Information Source: S108

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Translator Barker, Eric Ernest
Article Title Sussex Anglo-Saxon Charters
Journal Sussex Archaeological Collections
PublicationDate 1947
Pages 92-4
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Notes In the name of our lord God and saviour. What is done for this world barely lasts until death, but what is done for eternal life remains forever after death. therefore it is for everyone with deep forethought of mind to ponder and consider how with the fleeting possessions of this world he may obtain for his treasure the abodes of heavenly promise. Wherefore I, Offa, king of the English, for the good of my soul and for the love of God, and in accordance with my former promise grant in eternal possession to Almighty God and to the venerable Bishop Oswald a certain piece of land in Sussex, so that it may be seen to serve the praise of God and the honour of the saints, that is, 8 hides in the place which is called Bexhill as set forth in the bounds… This charter was written in the year 772 from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, the 10th of the indiction, on the 15th day of the month of August.