Translation Information Source: S566

Edition information
Translator Robertson, Agnes Jane
Book Title Anglo-Saxon Charters
Edition 2nd edition
Publication Location Cambridge
Publisher Cambridge University Press
PublicationDate 1956
Pages 56-9
Additional information
Notes In the name of the Lord be glory (?). All wisdom, both spiritual and secular, is laid up in the heavenly treasury of Almighty God per Jesum Christum cooperante gratia spiritus sancti. He as endowed with a kingdom Eadred, king of the Anglo-Saxons and emperor of the whole of Britain Deo gratias, wherefore he enriches and honours men, both ecclesiastic and lay, who can justly deserve it. The truth of this can be acknowledged by the thegn Ælsige Hunlafing through his acquisition of the estate of 5 hides at Alwalton for himself and his heirs, free from every burden except the repair of fortifications, the building of bridges and military service (?); a prudent landowner [will make himself responsible for] church dues, burial fees and tithes. The aforesaid king confirms and ratifies his gift with the symbol of the cross of Christ and the signatures of his councillors, to be held for all time and granted along with the things both great and small belonging to it. King Eadred in the tenth year after he was consecrated attached this signature, in the year of the incarnation of the Lord 955. [BOUNDS] … King Eadred prays and entreats in the name of the holy Trinity Dei patris et filii et spiritus sancti, that no one through the wiles of the devil presume wrongfully to diminish this royal gift. If anyone does so, the devils in the torment of hell shall avenge it, unless he has made amends for it in the eyes both of God and of men, as justice directs him.