Translation Information Source: S677

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Book Title EHD
Pages 558-9 [no.109]
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Notes The Almighty Father, occupying the heavenly citadel, observing the declining and fleeting frailty of the human race, sent to us his only-begotten Son, through whom he ordered the ages with ineffable redemption, for the deletion of our sins. For the will of the same gracious Creator resolved, and his mercy conceded, that anyone could buy with the lowest things the highest, with the terrestrial things the celestial, [and] with the things that perish, acquire those which will last forever. Therefore, I, Edgar, by the favour of the divine grace obtaining the monarchy of the whole kingdom of the Mercians, bestow and willingly concede to my faithful minister Ealhstan for his acceptable money, namely 40 mancuses of refined gold, a certain estate in the province of the Magonsæte, i.e. 6 hides in the place which is called by the inhabitants of the place Staunton, that he may have it and always possess it eternally, with all benefits duly belonging to that land, and that he may have the power to do with it whatever he shall wish to do… [bounds] And King Edgar grants by charter to his minister Ealhstan a haga in Hereford, in eternal inheritance forever. Also this land is to be free from all tribute, great and small, and from royal service, except the construction of bridges, the building of fortresses military expedition. If, however, anyone shall wish to break or diminish this my gift and concession, may the Almighty God lessen his days in this world, and may he incur in the future world the wrath of God, unless he have previously made good amends with compensation. And this my donation was made in the year of our Lord's incarnation 958, in the first indiction, the second year of my reign.