Location: Langres / France

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Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590   Ceolfrith 1 was buried in the church of the blessed twin martyrs in Langres.
Event Bede.ChronMaior  534.590   Ceolfrith 1 died when he reached Langres.
Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  40 (39 in translation)   The fragrance of a wonderful smell filled the church. This was followed by a light, which, after no short time, arose to the roof of the church.
Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  38   They preferred to dwell in Langres through love of Ceolfrith 1 buried there
Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  36   Ceolfrith 1's body was brought for about 3 miles to Gangulf 1's monastery, about a mile and half south of the city of Langres.
Event Anon.VitCeolfrithi  32, 35-6, 39   Ceolfrith 1 arrived at Langres on Friday 25 September, at about the third hour of the day. There he died.
Office Anon.VitCeolfrithi  35 Gangulf 1 held office of Lord of
Occupation Anon.VitCeolfrithi  40 (39 in transaltion) Anonymi 490 Custodian
Occupation Bede.HistAb  23 Anonymi 710 Monk
Event Bede.HistAb  20, 23   Ceolfrith 1 was buried with all dignity
Event Bede.HistAb  20, 23   Ceolfrith 1 was buried with all dignity
Event Bede.HistAb  21, 22, 23   Ceolfrith 1 pushed on towards Rome but was struck down by sickness and died
Event Alcuin.VersEubor  1296-7   While on pilgrimage, led by the love of Christ, Ceolfrith 1 died as an exile in the city of Langres.
Event OEMart  219-20   Ceolfrith 1 was honourably buried in the church of the Holy Twins with much weeping from Anonymi 1288 and Anonymi 1289.
Event OEMart  219   Ceolfrith 1 died aged 74, 114 days after he left the mynster.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.91.8-9   Many of the early English saints were discovered by King Edmund 14 on his northern expedition, disinterred, and sent to Glastonbury, among them: Hild 1, abbess of the monastery once called Streneshalh and now Whitby - Bede 1 in his History rated her highly; also Ceolfrith 1, abbot of Monkwearmoth, to whom the same Bede 1 devoted a special book. He died at Langres, on extremely old age, while on his way to Rome, but later brought back. Also some of the bones of Aidan 1, first bishop of Lindisfarne. His other bones were taken by Colmán 1 to Scottia; Bede 1 is again our authority. Praise is given at Glastonbury to the confessor Benignus 1, a local hermit, whose remarkable miracles inspired the monks nearby to venerate and translate him. In the house [of Glastonbury] are buried King Edmund 14, the renewer of the place, and his son King Edgar 11, who, remembering his father with gratitude, crowned his gifts with the grant of expensive properties.