Location: Iona / Argyllshire, Scotland

Factoid List

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Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.6   Cuthbert 1 told Ælfflæd 2 that Aldfrith 1 would became the heir of Ecgfrith 4.
Office Bede.HE  iii.5 Ségéne 1 held office of Priest
Office Bede.HE  iii.5 Ségéne 1 held office of Abbot
Event Bede.HE  v.22, 23, 24   Ecgberht 6 died on Easter Day after he had celebrated a mass
Event Bede.HE  v.22, 24   Ecgberht 6 came to Iona from Ireland and was most honourably received. He taught them how to celebrate Easter and to wear the Petrine tonsure.
Event Bede.HE  v.15   Adomnán 1 went back to Iona and earnestly put before his own monastery the catholic observance of the date of Easter, but he died before he could achieve his end.
Event Bede.HE  v.9   Columba 1 was the first founder of the monastery at Iona
Event Bede.HE  iv.4   Colmán 1 took with him all the Irish (Anonymi 653) whom he had gathered together at Lindisfarne. He also took about 30 English men (Anonymi 654) and first went to Iona.
Event Bede.HE  iii.21   Ceollach 1 returned to Iona
Event Bede.HE  iii.4   Anonymi 635 used tables of doubtful accuracy in fixing the date of Easter.
Event Bede.HE  iii.4   Columba 1 received from the Picts the island of Iona in order to establish a monastery there.
Office Bede.HE  v.15 Adomnán 1 held office of Abbot
Office Bede.HE  v.22 Dúnchad 1 held office of Abbot
Occupation Bede.HE  iii.3 Aidan 1 Monk
Event ASC  729 ACDEF(OE and Lat.)G, <729> B   Ecgberht 6 passed away [DE add: on Iona].
Event AnnalsFragIrel  84.210   Ecgberht 6 rested in Iona.
Office AnnalsUlster  704.2 Adomnán 1 held office of Abbot (Abbot of Iona)