Location: Buttermere / Wiltshire

Factoid List

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Transaction S336      Æthelred 15, king of the West Saxons, to Wulfhere 4, princeps; grant of 6 hides (cassati) at Buttermere, Wilts., and at Æscmere
Transaction S1533      Wulfgar 11 to Beorhtsige 16; bequest of 2 hides at Buttermere, Wilts.
Transaction S1533      Wulfgar 11 to Ceolstan 5's son [Anonymous 1077]; bequest of 1 hide at Buttermere, Wilts.
Event Bates340      King William 1 notifies Bishop Walkelin 1, Hugh 10 de Port and Edward 26 the sheriff and all his thegns in Hants. and Wilts. that he has granted the land at Buttermere, Wilts., to the community of Old Minster, Winchester, to has as freely as they had it in the time when Wulfwig 14 gave it to the community when he became a monk in the time of King Cnut 3.
Possession GDB  74v (Wiltshire 68:17) Godwine 84 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 0.50 virgates in Buttermere, Wiltshire (in 1066)