Location: Dorset / Dorset

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Event B.VitDunstani  26   Edgar 11 got to know that Beorhthelm 17 was failing in his duties as archbishop and told him to retrace his steps and take back the office of bishop of Dorset that he had given up. Dunstan 1 was promoted in his stead.
Office B.VitDunstani  26 Beorhthelm 17 held office of Bishop
Event ASC (C-F)  998 CDE   Here the here (Anonymi 2204) went back eastwards into the mouth of the Frome.
Office Æthelweard.Chron  iii.4 (p. 31) Osric 7 held office of Dux
Office S939    Wulfsige 36 held office of Bishop (bishop of Dorset)
Office S1422    Anonymi 2646 held office of Thegn
Office ASC  845 ACG, <845> B Osric 7 held office of Ealdorman
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1077 Herman 2 held office of Bishop
Office S1474    Ælfwald 68 held office of Bishop
Event Bates1      Writ of King William 1 notifying Herman 2 (bishop of Sherborne), Beorhtwig 3 and Scewine 1 and all his thegns in Dorset that the abbey of Abbotsbury is under his protection, and is to have its rights as completely as they were held in Orc 1’s life in King Edward 15’s day, and the abbot is to be worthy of his sake and soke, within port and without, his toll and team and infangenetheof.
Event Bates2      Writ of King William 1 notifying Bishop Herman 2 (of Sherborne) and Hugh 6 fitzGrip and all his barons of Dorset that he has granted the abbey of Abbotsbury its land as freely and peacefully as in the time of King Edward 15, with sake and soke, toll and team, infangenetheof, and whatever is cast up by the sea.
RecordedNames EMC Coin  2003.0115 (N 752 (Reform portrait)) Edgar 11
Office EMC Coin  2003.0115 (N 752 (Reform portrait)) Edgar 11 held office of King
Office EMC Coin  2001.1201 (Edmund (no further details)) Edmund 14 held office of King