Location: Ramsey / Huntingdonshire

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Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iii.14   ∆lfwald 42 was buried at Ramsey.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iii.14   The body of ∆thelwig 2 was transported to the monastery at Ramsey.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iii.15-16   Oswald 8 asked ∆thelwine 2 whether he had some suitable place where he could establish Anonymi 1675, who were at Westbury. ∆thelwine 2 declared that he had a place (at Ramsey) where there were three men (Anonymi 1681), who were willing to take on the monastic habit.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iii.16-17, iv.1   Taking Anonymi 1675 with him, Oswald 8 set out in great joy to go to Ramsey.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.2, 8   Oswald 8 sought to acquire stone masons, made cement throughout the winter and on 18 March began to lay the foundations of the church. He built the church in the shape of a cross. He promoted this enterprise with the assistance of ∆thelwine 2, on whose estates the monastery lay.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.15   Oswald 8, with the assistance of ∆lfnoth 18, consecrated the monastery at Ramsey.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.15   Oswald 8 and ∆thelwine 2 went to Ramsey every year, since they both loved that place and its inhabitants with particular devotion. They were always received with great honour. They would kiss each monk in turn, not sitting down but standing and bowing with their heads humbly.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.16   The entire congregation went barefoot to the church of St Mary. They had to cross a stretch of water by boat to return home. As the boot was filled too full, it drifted out into the middle of the swamp and was about to sink. Oswald 8, realising what was happening, raised his right hand and promised that Christ's help would come quickly from on high. The boat was thus taken safely back to shore.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.16   Oswald 8 stayed at Ramsey for several months. He was received as a father.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.2   Oswald 8 went to Ramsey
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.11   Oswald 8 summoned Anonymi 1693 and Anonymi 1694. Certain of them went with Oswald 8; others went with ∆scwig 3. When the service of the holy sacrament was ended, everyone returned to the banquet which ∆thelwine 2 had prepared. Later in the day they recited the office of Vespers. Then, they went back once more to their seats in the hall. A most splendid regal banquet had been prepared for them. Mead, wine and other honied drink was abundantly provided for everyone.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.12   ∆thelwine 2 summoned all the reeves (Anonymi 1695) and the thegns (Anonymi 1696) for some serious discussion. He asked Oswald 8 if he would deign to come for the commencement of his prayer. Then, ∆thelwine 2 asked Oswald 8that the monastery at Ramsey be free of all burdens. Oswald 8 accepted and they both decided to report these things to the king. They arranged that all reeves (Anonymi 1695) and thegns (Anonymi 1696) should solemnly undertake a treaty of peace and fellowship with the monks of Ramsey. At the urging of Eadnoth 7 and Eadnoth 8 a treaty was ratified and put into effect in the presence of ∆thelwine 2.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.13   When all his prayers were completed and mass had been celebrated, Oswald 8 blessed Anonymi 1694 and set off to return home.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.14   ∆thelwine 2 went by boat to Ramsey with some companions.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.14   Germann 4 stayed at Ramsey on a long sojourn, having been asked by ∆thelwine 2 not to abandon him all the days of his life.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.15   Anonymous 675 saw in a vision the western tower of the church collapse. He woke up terrified. Falling back asleep, he saw the other tower collapse. They interpreted the collapse of the two towers as meaning the death of Oswald 8 and ∆thelwine 2.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.20-1   A messenger (Anonymous 677) was sent to Ramsey by the monks of Worcester (Anonymi 1698) to announce Oswald 8's death. Anonymi 1694 burst into tears and started to pray for him.
Event Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.21-2   ∆thelwine 2 was buried at Ramsey. An inexpressible multitude went to meet him. The monks (Anonymi 1694) spent the entire night in vigils.
Office Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.4 Germann 4 held office of Dean
Office Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.4 Eadnoth 11 held office of Abbot
Education Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.4 Wynnsige 15 He was trained in the school of the monastery at Ramsey
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iii.18 Abbo 1 Teacher
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.4 Anonymi 1682 Brother
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.2 Anonymi 1692 Brother
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.11 Anonymi 1694 Brother
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.15 Anonymous 675 Brother
Occupation Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  v.19 Anonymous 676 Brother
Possession Byrhtferth.VitOswaldi  iv.8 ∆thelwine 2 estates
Event Abbo.PassioEadmundi  Preface   Abbo 1 left Dunstan 1 and returned to the monastery.
Event Abbo.PassioEadmundi  Preface   Abbo 1 wrote the Passio of St Edmund at the request of Anonymi 1728.
Education Abbo.PassioEadmundi  Preface Abbo 1 He studied secular literature
Occupation Abbo.PassioEadmundi  Preface Anonymi 1728 Brother
Occupation Abbo.PassioEadmundi  2 Anonymi 1728 Monk
Event ASC (C-F)  1034 CD   [∆thelric 49] lay at Ramsey.
Transaction S798      King Edgar 11 to Ramsey 1 Abbey; confirmation and grant of privileges and of land at Ramsey 1, Upwood with Raveley, Hemingford, Sawtry, Stukeley, Brington and Old Weston, Hunts.; Hilgay and Walsoken, Norfolk; fish from Wells, Norfolk; land at Brancaster, Norfolk; at Warboys, Wistow with Raveley and Bury, and at Slepam (St Ives), Hunts.; at Chatteris and Elsworth, Cambs.; at Whiston and Isham, Northants.; at Houghton, Wyton, Ripton, Ellington, Bythorn, Hunts.; at Graveley, Cambs.; and at Dillington, Great Staughton and Yelling, Hunts.
Office NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 18r.17.xv Germann 4 held office of Abbot (Abbot of the Cenobium of Ramsey)
Office S876    Germann 4 held office of Abbot (abbot of Ramsey)
Event S1493      ∆rnketel 1 and Wulfrun 9 his wife bestowed gifts upon Ramsey 1 in order that they might be buried there.
Office S996    ∆thelstan 63 held office of Abbot (abbot of Ramsey)
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1045 ∆lfweard 35 Abbot of Ramsey?
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1045   Bishop ∆lfweard 35 of London died on 25 June. He had first been abbot of Evesham, and he greatly promoted the good of that monastery while he was there; then he went to Ramsey, and there he passed away.
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1050; E 1046 ∆lfwine 55 Abbot of Ramsey
Event Anon.LiberEliensis  I.6   The remains of Felix 2 were translated from Soham to Ramsey in the time of King Cnut 3. This was done some years after the church had been destroyed by pagans from Denmark.
Office Anon.LiberEliensis  II.22 / L∆ 33 Thurcytel 4 held office of Abbot
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.74.2   [Felix 2 died] after seventeen years as bishop, and was buried in Dunwich, his episcopal seat, before being transferred to Soham, a village on a marsh. Later it was moved to the monastery at Ramsey.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iv.181.1   The abbey of Ramsey was built by St Oswald 8 archbishop of York, with the collaboration of one ∆thelwine 2, comes of East Angles.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iv.181.2   Felix 2, first bishop of the East Angles, was brought to Ramsey from Soham at the instance of ∆thelwine 2.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iv.181.2, 4   Two brothers ∆thelred 42-∆thelberht 23 lie in Ramsey, transferred there by ∆thelwine 2.
Office Bates68    ∆lfwine 55 held office of Abbot
Office S1231    ∆lfwine 55 held office of Abbot
Occupation S1231    ∆thelric 84 Monk of Ramsey
Office TRW Non-royal charters/Ramsey1    ∆thelsige 50 held office of Abbot
Occupation Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 25 Eadnoth 23 Brother
Transaction Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 28   ∆thelwine 2, dux, to Ramsey; grant of Ramsey, Upwood, Hilgay with its berewick, Snore, 5 hides at Walsoken, half a fishery at Wella, Brington, 10 hides at Weston, 10 hides at Gidding and Wedetone, 7 hides at Stukeley, part of 10 hides at Toft (in exchange for which, he received Linton), Oakley, 6 hides at Wangford, rights at Houghton, a mill he had obtained from a relative, Siric 7, and Hemingford.
Occupation Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 28 Wulfhun 12 Monk
Event Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 28   ∆thelflśd 29 arranged to be buried at Ramsey.
Office Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 35 Eadnoth 25 held office of Prior
Event Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 37   ∆rnketel 1 made arrangements for his burial at Ramsey.
Occupation Ramsey.Liber Benefactorum  c. 50 ∆lfwine 94 Monk