Location: Farleigh, East and/or West / Kent

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Transaction S1212      Eadgifu 4, queen, to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; grant of land at Meopham, Cooling, Lenham, Pettham (Petham or Peckham), Farleigh, Monkton, and Ealdintun, Kent; with confirmation by King Æthelred 32 (A.D. 995 x 1005).
Transaction S914      King Æthelred 32 to Canterbury, Christ Church 1; refoundation of the monastic community and confirmation of grants by previous kings: land at Eastry, Ickham, Bossington, Adisham, Appledore, Swarling, Preston, Graveney, Westwell, Chart and Farleigh, Kent; at Patching, Sussex; at Meopham and Cooling in West Kent; at Walworth, Surrey; at Risborough, Bucks.; at Lawling in Latchingdon, Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; and in Thanet.
Transaction S1508      Ealdorman Alfred 18 to Eadred 13, his kinsman; bequest of Farleigh (?Kent) after the death of Æthelred 23. 30 ambers of corn are to be paid to Rochester 1 every year. After Eadred 13's death the land is to be assigned in writing and without dispute to Alfred 18's direct maternal kindred.
Transaction S350      Alfred 8, king of the Saxons, to Sigehelm 4, dux; grant of 1 hide (manens) at Farleigh, Kent, with appurtenant meadow
Transaction S1047      King Edward 15 to Christ Church, Canterbury; grant of land at Chartham, Kent, and Walworth, Surrey, and confirmation of land at Sandwich, Eastry, Folkestone, Thanet, Adisham, Ickham, Chartham, Godmersham, Westwell, East Chart, the other Chart, Berwick, Brook, Warehorne, Appledore, Mersham, Orpington, Preston, Meopham, Cooling, Farningham, Hythe, Hollingbourne, Farleigh, Peckham, all in Kent; at Patching and Wootton in Sussex; at Walworth, Merstham, Cheam, and Horsley in Surrey; at Southchurch, Laver, Milton (Hall) in Prittlewell, Lawling in Latchingdon, Bocking, St Osyth and Stisted in Essex; at Hadleigh and Monks Eleigh, Suffolk; at Monks Risborough in Bucks.; and at Newington and Britwell Prior, Oxon..