Location: Mayo / Ireland

Factoid List

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Event Bede.HE  iv.4   Colmán 1 took with him all the Irish (Anonymi 653) whom he had gathered together at Lindisfarne. He also took about 30 English men (Anonymi 654) and first went to Iona.
Event Alcuin.Ep  287   Life according to monastic rule was established for the monks of Mayo (Anonymi 1962) by the fathers (Anonymi 1965).
Status Alcuin.Ep  287 Anonymous 769 held status of Dominus / Dominus
Office Alcuin.Ep  287 Anonymous 769 held office of Bishop (domnus episcopus)
Office George.Ep  p. 28 line 1 Ealdwulf 9 held office of Bishop (Bishop of the church of Mayo)