Location: Wearmouth / Durham

Factoid List

View Factoid Type Source Ref. Primary Person Short Description
Office Bede.HE  v.24 Bede 1 held office of Priest
Event Bede.HE  v.24   Bede 1 was born in the territory of his monastery.
Event Bede.HE  iv.18   John 13 arranged for a copy of the synodical decree that he had brought with him from Rome to be copied in the monastery of St Peter's
Possession Bede.HistAb  15 Ceolfrith 1 Three copies of the new translation of the Bible
Transaction Bede.HistAb  4   King Ecgfrith 4 gave him land from his personal estate.
Transaction Bede.HE  iv.18   A letter of privileges, protecting the liberty of the monastery of St Peter
Event Annals.NbRegnList  246   The monasterium at Wearmouth [was founded] sixty-four years ago.
Transaction Bede.HistAb  1   granted land for the foundation of a monastery
Transaction Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20   a privilege
Possession Anon.VitCeolfrithi  20 Ceolfrith 1 Vessels for the service of church and altar, with which he enriched the two monasteries (Jarrow and Monkwearmouth)