Location: Utrecht / Netherlands

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Event Bede.HE  v.11   Willibrord 1 built a church in the place that Pippin 1 gave him for his episcopal see, and preached the word of faith far and wide. He also built a number of churches throughout those districts and established several monasteries.
Event Willibald.VitBonifatii  4, pp. 16-17   Boniface 5 and Radbod 1 met and spoke together.
Event Willibald.VitBonifatii  8, p. 47   Boniface 5 consecrated Eoba 2 in Utrecht
Event Willibald.VitBonifatii  8, pp. 52-3   The bodies of Boniface 5 and the other martyrs were brought by boat to Utrecht. There the bodies were interred until some religious men arrived from Mainz. They had been sent by Lull 1 to bring the body of Boniface 5 the monastery of Fulda. The praefectus of the city of Utrecht (Anonymous 297) declared that an edict issued by Pippin 2 forbade anyone to remove the body of Boniface 5. At that point a bell of the church, untouched by human hands, began to ring to warn everybody that the body should be given up.
Office Willibald.VitBonifatii  8, p. 53 Anonymous 297 held office of Praefectus
Event Anon.VitLebuini  2   Having received his order from God three times, Lebuin 1 boarded a ship and sailed to Utrecht where he met the priest Gregory 5 who was in charge of the church there.
Office Anon.VitLebuini  2 Gregory 5 held office of Priest (priest of the church at Utrecht)
Office Anon.VitLebuini    Albricus 1 held office of Abbot
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  13   Willibrord 1 was appointed as preacher to that people [sc. the Frisians] (Anonymi 1152), with the fort at Utrecht as episcopal see.
Office Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  5 Willibrord 1 held office of Bishop
Office Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  13 Willibrord 1 held office of Bishop (Bishop of Utrecht)
Event Boniface.Ep.T109  pp. 235-6   Boniface 5 and Anonymous 858 were having a dispute over the control of the see of Utrecht.
Event Boniface.Ep.T109  pp. 234-6   Boniface 5 wrote to the pope concerning the dispute with the bishop of Cologne about the bishopric of Utrecht.
Office WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  i.6.2 Boniface 5 held office of Bishop of Utrecht