Location: Burgh Castle / Suffolk

Factoid List

View Factoid Type Source Ref. Primary Person Short Description
Office Bede.HE  iii.19 Gobán 1 held office of Priest
Office Bede.HE  iii.19 Dícuill 1 held office of Priest
Event Bede.HE  iii.19   After building the monastery at Cnobheresburg, Fursa 1 longed to free himself from all worldly affairs. He decided to join his brother Ultán 1 in his solitary life.
Event Bede.HE  iii.19   Fursa 1 built a monastery on a site that he received from Sigeberht 3.
Possession LDB  445 (Suffolk 69:1) Stigand 1 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 4 carucates in Burgh Castle, Suffolk (in 1066)