Location: Nadder (Wiltshire) / River

Factoid List

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Transaction S631      King Eadwig 4 to Wistan 2, his fidelis; grant of 4 hides (mansae) on the river Nadder (at Burcombe, Wilts.)
Transaction S586      King Eadwig 4 to Ælfheah 33, his kinsman and minister; grant of 4 hides (mansi) on the river Nadder, Wilts.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  v.225   Aldhelm 3 grants the monasteries of Malmesbury, Frome, and Bradford the right to free election of their abbots. The grant was confirmed twice, in the nunnery of Wimborne, ruled by Cuthburg 3, and in the holy synod by the river Nadder.