Location: Farcet / Huntingdonshire

Factoid List

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Transaction S595      King Eadwig 4 to ∆lfwine 11, his faithful minister and miles; grant of 10 hides (mansae) at Yaxley and 5 at Farcet, Hunts.
Transaction S792      King Edgar 11 to Thorney 1 Abbey; confirmation of land at Whittlesey, Cambs.; Water Newton, Woodston, Yaxley and Farcet, Hunts.; Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincs.; Teafolscet; and 2 hides (mansae) at Huntingdon. MS 3 adds Wittering, Oxney, Thorpe and Titchmarsh, Northants; Gedney, Lutton, Angarhala (lost) and Tydd, Lincs.; and Broughton, Hunts.
Status S1448    Anonymi 2711 held status of Slave / Slave
Transaction S1448      Bishop ∆thelwold 1 recorded the following gifts to Peterborough 1: a gospel adorned with silver, and 3 crosses likewise adorned with silver, 2 silver candlesticks and 2 covered with god, and 1 silver censer and 1 made of brass and 1 silver water sexxel and 2 silver bells and 4 silver chalices, 4 patens and a silver tube and 6 chasubles and 4 copes and 1 upper garment and 8 stoles, the same number of maniples and 11 subuculas and 21 epistle vestments and 3 corporals and 3 offertory cloths and 19 albs and 4 cloaks and 2 black robes and 6 wall curtains and 9 seat covers and 10 hanging bells, 7 hand bells and 4 bed covers and 6 horns - 4 of them decorated - and 8 silver cups and 2 gilded altar-cloths. And the number of books is 21 which Bishop ∆thelwold 1 gave to Peterborough 1, namely 'Beda in Marcum . Liber miraculorum . Expositio Hebreorum nominum . Prouisio futurarum rerum . Augustinus de achademicis . Vita sancti Felicis metrice . Sinonima Isidori . Vita Eustachii . Descidia Parisiace polis . Medicinalis . De duodecim abusiuis . Sermo super quosdam psalmos . Commentum cantica canticorum . De eucharistia . Commentum Martiani . Alchimi Auiti . Liber differentiarum . Cilicius Ciprianus . De litteris Grecorum . Liber bestiarum'. The estates he granted were Medeshamstede and the berewicks pertaining to it; Anlafestun, and the berewicks pertaining to it; Farcet with 16 able-bodied men and 8 young men; half of Whittlesey Mere; Oundle and the berewicks pertaining to it; Kettering; the fens at Well which he bought from ∆lfsige 50 and Ufi 1 for 13 ores.
Transaction S1448      Ealdorman ∆thelwine 2 and Bishop Ealdwulf 18 gave ∆thelstan 36 and ∆lfwald 29 the final penny for the estates at Yaxley and Farcet on behalf of Peterborough 1