Location: Bardney / Lincolnshire

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Event Bede.HE  iii.12   A boy (Anonymous 228), who was at the monastery of Bardney, used to be greatly troubled by recurrent fevers. A brother (Anonymous 229) told him go to Oswald 1's tomb and remain quiet beside the tomb until the time for the return of his fever had passed. The disease fled away and did not dare to touch him again.
Event Bede.HE  iii.11   When Osthryth 1 was staying at Bardney monastery, Æthelhild 2 came to visit her. The conversation turned on Oswald 1. The abbess told the queen she had seen the light on the memorable night when the relics had been left outdoors and asked the queen for some of the health-giving soil, on which the water, used for washing Oswald's bones, had been poured out.
Event Bede.HE  iii.11   Oswald 1's niece, Osthryth 1, wanted her uncle's body to be translated to the monastery of Bardney, but the inmates did not receive the bones gladly. At night, the relics were left outdoors, under a large tent. But a column of light stretched from the carriage right up to heaven all through the night.
Occupation Bede.HE  iii.11 Anonymi 643 Brother
Occupation Bede.HE  iii.12 Anonymous 229 Brother
Occupation Bede.HE  iii.12 Anonymous 230 Brother
Transaction S72      Æthelred 2, king, to St Peter's, Medeshamstede; grant of land at Breedon on the Hill, Leics.; Hrepingas (? Repton, Derbys.); Cedenac; Swineshead, Lincs.; Heanbyrig; Lodeshale; Shifnal, Salop.; Costesford; Stretford (? Stretford, Salop.); Wattlesborough and Lizard, Salop.; Æthelhuniglond (? in Kent); and Bardney, Lincs.
Office S82    Æthelred 2 held office of Abbot (abbot of Bardney)
Event ASC  716 ADEG, <716/17> B, <717> C   [The body] of Æthelred 2 [rested] at Bardney.
Event ASC (E)  641 E   [Oswald 1's] body was buried at Bardney.
Event ASC (MR)  [909] B, 909 C, 906 D   Here the body of Oswald 1 was brought from Bardney [BC: to the Mercians (Anonymi 1354)].
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iv.155.3   In Gloucester at the time of King Alfred 8 his daughter Æthelflæd 4 and her husband Æthelred 1 had built a well-provisioned monastery on which no expense was spared; and they had transferred there from Bardney the remains of King Oswald 1, all Mercia being under their sway.
Event RestingPlaces  II.8   St Æthelred 2 the king, and St Osthryth 1, sister [should be "niece"] of king St Oswald 1, is buried in the minster called Bardney, near the river called Witham.
Possession GDB  354v (Lincolnshire 24:17) Gilbert 12 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 2 carucates in Bardney, Lincolnshire (in 1086)
Possession GDB  354v (Lincolnshire 24:17) Ulf 33 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 2 carucates in Bardney, Lincolnshire (in 1066)
Office EMC Coin  2000.0343 (N 672 (Circumscription Cross, with mint)) Æthelstan 18 held office of King