Location: Hatfield Chase / Yorkshire

Factoid List

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Event Bede.HE  ii.20   Cadwallon 1 rebelled against Edwin 2 and a fierce battle was fought on the plain of Hatfield.
Event ASC (E)  633 EF(OE and Lat.)   Edwin 2 was slain [E: by Cadwallon 1 and Penda 1 at Hatfield on 2 ides of October (= 14 October). Osfrith 1 was also slain with him.]
Event ASC (E)  675 E (p. 37)   The king [sc. Æthelred 2] ordered Theodore 1 to call a meeting of all the witan (Anonymi 1322) at Hatfield.
Event ASC (E)  675 E   They [sc. Anonymi 1322] granted and confirmed completely the letter sent by the pope [sc. Agatho 2].
Event Anon.VitGregorii  18-19   Trimma 1 had revealed to himself in dreams where Edwin 2's bones were buried.
Event AnnalsCamb  630   On the first of January the battle of Hatfield Chase; and Edwin 2 and his two sons (Anonymi 2605) were killed there.