Location: Ham, East and/or West / Essex

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Transaction S774      King Edgar 11 to Thorney, St Peter's 1 (i.e. Westminster 1 Abbey); confirmation, reciting a bull of Pope John 2, of liberties and of land at Ham (in East Ham), Wennington, Essex; Morden, Surrey; Fanton (Hall) in North Benfleet, Essex; Aldenham, Herts.; Bleccenham and Lothereslege (both lost, in Hendon), Middx; Holwell, Datchworth and Watton-at-Stone, Herts.; Chollington in Eastbourne, Sussex; Staines, with Teddington, Halliford, Feltham and Ashford, Middx.
Transaction S676      Edgar 11, king of the Mercians, to Æthelstan 31, his comes / bishop; grant of 5 hides (mansiunculae) at Ham, Essex
Transaction S1043      King Edward 15 to Westminster 1 Abbey, First Charter; confirmation of lands, comprising 17.5 hides at Westminster, 20 at Hendon, 5 at Hampstead, 12 hides and 1 uirga at Greenford, 8 hides at Hanwell, 8 at Shepperton, 7 at Sunbury, Middx.; 10 at Aldenham, 4 hides and 1 uirga at Datchworth, 4.5 hides at Watton(-at-Stone), 6.5 at Holwell, Herts.; 2 at Ham, 4 at Wennington, 5 at Kelvedon (?), 4 at Fanton in North Benfleet, Essex; 10 at Morden, Surrey; 2 at Ewell, Kent; 7 at Parham, 3 at Chollington in Eastbourne, 4 at (West) Chiltington, Sussex. (b) Moulsham [granted by Leofcild 2], Kelvedon Hatch (?) [granted by Æthelric 66], Maplestead [granted by Wulfwine 11], Kelvedon, Rayne and Latchingdon [granted by Guthmund 5), Wanstead [granted by Ælfric 131], Leyton [granted by Atsere 3 Swearte], Paglesham [granted by Ingulf 1], Essex; Lessness, Kent [granted by Atsere 4]; Claygate, Surrey [granted by Tosti 3]; Ayot St Lawrence, Herts. [granted by Ælfwine 63]; Denham [granted by Wulfstan 58], a half hide at Amersham and 1 hide at Weedon, Bucks. [granted by Siweard 17]; 2.5 hides at Wormley, Herts. [granted by Leofsige 38 of London].