Location: Glastonbury / Somerset

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Office Willibald.VitBonifatii  4 Beorhtwald 5 held office of Abbot
Transaction S246      Ine 1, king, to the church of Glastonbury, St Mary's and St Patrick's 1; grant of freedom from secular burdens
Office S1410    Tunberht 2 held office of Abbot
Office S1253    Ealdberht 4 held office of Abbot (abbot of Glastonbury)
Office S247    Beorhtwald 6 held office of Abbot
Office S253    Cengisl 1 held office of Abbot
Office S248    Beorhtwald 5 held office of Abbot (abbot of Glastonbury)
Office S246    Helmgils 2 held office of Abbot (abbot of Glastonbury)
Event S246      Ine 1, king, to the church of Glastonbury, St Mary's & St Patrick's; grant of freedom from secular burdens
Event S257      Cuthred 7, king of West Saxons, to Glastonbury 1 Abbey; confirmation of grants made by previous kings (Centwine 1, Baldred 1, Cædwalla 1, Ine 1, Æthelheard 4, and Æthelbald 4) to Glastonbury
Event ASC  688 AG   He [sc. Ine 1] built the mynster at Glastonbury.
Event OEMart  195-6   Half the bones of Aidan 1 were among the Irish (Anonymi 1279), half in Glastonbury at St Mary mynster.
Event S152      Cenwulf 3, king of the Mercians, to Cynehelm 1 and his successors; confirmation of the freedom of Glastonbury Abbey, previously granted by King Ecgfrith 7
Event B.VitDunstani  18   As Dunstan 1 and Anonymous 508 were strolling down to see whether Wulfric 36's body had arrived, there came a stone thrown from beyond the church, aiming to smite Dunstan 1. It missed him thanks to God's protection.
Event B.VitDunstani  17   While in the middle of a psalm, a light slumber stole up on Dunstan 1. He imagined that a shaggy bear put his feet on his shoulders and sat there. He woke up and tried to strike the bear with his staff but he only struck the church wall. When Dunstan 1 recovered, he started singing the psalm exactly from the point at which he had been overtaken by sleep.
Event B.VitDunstani  15   Dunstan 1 surrounded the cloisters on every side with solid monastery buildings, as had long ago been marked out to him by an old man in a vision.
Event B.VitDunstani  14   Edmund 14 summoned Dunstan 1 and told him to get a horse ready to follow the king. They went to Glastonbury and prayed there together in the church. Edmund 14 wiped floods of tears from his eyes, grasped Dunstan 1's hand, kissed it and made him abbot of Glastonbury.
Event B.VitDunstani  11   When Æthelflæd 10 began to be gravely ill, Dunstan 1 looked after her with exceptional attention. He had to be absent from vespers and went later on with his pupils (Anonymi 1467). While he was standing outside the church, he saw a beautiful white dove. The tips of its wings were like sparks of fire. He saw it fly down to Æthelflæd 10's yard. Dunstan 1 went back to her and found her talking aloud. He asked her who she was talking to and she replied that he knew because he had seen 'him on his way'. She had been revealed all the details about her passing. She asked Dunstan 1 to prepare everything for her funeral and she ended her life exactly as the mass ended.
Event B.VitDunstani  10   After he had attended mass, Æthelstan 18 went to the banquet that Æthelflæd 10 had organized for him. The very first round of drinks drained the mead jar to a single palm's death, but there the level stayed without reduction, though the waiters went on pouring out drinks all day.
Event B.VitDunstani  10   Æthelstan 18 went to Glastonbury to pray. Anonymi 1466 were sent in advance to Æthelflæd 10 to check whether her arrangements were appropriate for the occasion, since Æthelstan 18 had promised to call on her.
Event B.VitDunstani  10   Æthelflæd 10 built herself some cottages to dwell in near the church at Glastonbury, so that she might serve the Lord day and night.
Event B.VitDunstani  9   Dusntan 1 went back to the spot indicated by Wulfred 23 in his vision. Anonymous 507 came on the scene and chose for his resting palce the spot indicated by Wulfred 23. He was still in good health, but after a while a fatal illness came upon him. He died and within three days he was buried in the palce previously indicated by Wulfred 23.
Event B.VitDunstani  9   Dunstan 1 had a vision of Wulfred 23 who told him unfamiliar details about heavenly matters. Wulfred 23 also took Dunstan 1 to an undisturbed spot to the south of the church and told him that as a proof of the truth of what he was saying a priest would have been buried on that spot within three days.
Event B.VitDunstani  5   Dunstan 1's parents (Heorstan 2 and Cynethryth 6) made him take the tonsure that marks out clerical office, attaching him to the monastery of Glastonbury.
Event B.VitDunstani  3   Dunstan 1 saw an old man leading him through the precincts of the church. He pointed to him the monastery buildings which were to be built during Dunstan 1's abbacy.
Event B.VitDunstani  3   Heorstan 2 came to cross over at Glastonbury accompanied by Dunstan 1. They stayed there overnight to pray.
Event B.VitDunstani  35   Dunstan 1 strolled from house to house with Ælfsige 21 to view the brothers' communal feeding arrangements and other necessary details of their life.
Event B.VitDunstani  35   Dunstan 1 heard a voice call Ælfsige 21. He told him to prepare to go to the Lord. After a few days Ælfsige 21 died. Dunstan 1 ordered the construction of a square church on the spot where he had heard the voice and consecrated it to John the Baptist.
Status B.VitDunstani  34 Anonymous 516 held status of Pupil / Pupil
Office B.VitDunstani  3 Dunstan 1 held office of Abbot
Office B.VitDunstani  5 Dunstan 1 held office of Cleric
Office B.VitDunstani  14 Dunstan 1 held office of Abbot
Office B.VitDunstani  9 Wulfred 23 held office of Deacon
Office B.VitDunstani  34 Ceolwig 1 held office of Prior
Education B.VitDunstani  15 Anonymi 1473 They were trained by Dunstan 1's teaching and example
Occupation B.VitDunstani  35 Ælfsige 21 Monk
Event ASC  942 AF(OE and Lat.)   Here Edmund 14 granted Glastonbury to Dunstan 1.
Event ASC  942 AF(OE and Lat.)   Dunstan 1 afterwards became abbot [of Glastonbury].
Office ASC  942 A, 941 F(OE and Lat.) Dunstan 1 held office of Abbot (Abbot of Glastonbury)
Office S237    Hæmgils 2 held office of Abbot
Transaction S966      Many of King Cnut 3's predecessors granted and confirmed the privileges of Glastonbury, St Mary's 1.
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  C 1053 Æthelweard 49 held office of Abbot of Glastonbury
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1066 Æthelnoth 46 held office of Abbot
Event Anon.LiberEliensis  I.42   King Edmund 14 was buried at Glastonbury by Abbot Dunstan 1.
Office S1003    Æthelweard 49 held office of Abbot
Office S1055    Æthelweard 49 held office of Abbot
Office WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  i.18.1 Dunstan 1 held office of Abbot of Glastonbury
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.75.34-46   Æthelwold 1's parents were from Winchester, neither poor nor ill-bred. He was educated at the court, becoming a favourite of Æthelstan 18's. He was tonsured as a cleric by Ælfheah 19, and later given the cowl as monk by Dunstan 1 abbot of Glastonbury, soon becoming its dean. Dunstan 1 saw a vision concerning Æthelwold 1's brilliant future, and so did his mother, Anonymous 679, wile was pregnant with him. Æthelwold 1 craved stricter life but was kept at home by King Eadred 16, thanks to the king's mother Eadgifu 4. He was given the house of Abingdon. When Dunstan 1 became archbishop, Æthelwold 1 was chosen by King Edgar 11 to be bishop of Winchester. He drove clerics out of New Minster for their sins and introduced monks instead. St Swithhun 5 commanded him in vision to open his tomb in the Old Minster, and showed his benevolence towards Æthelwold 1 through miracles. Æthelwold 1 himself worked many miracles in his lifetime.
Occupation WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.83.4 Beorhtwald 19 Monk
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.83.4-5   Once Beorhtwald 19 kept vigil at Glastonbury and received a vision from God in his sleep. He was sad about the virtual extinction of the royal line of the English under Cnut 3, when he saw St Peter holding the hand of Edward 15, that time in exile in Normandy, and consecrating him king, marking out his life as celibate and fixing a precise number of years, twenty-four, for his reign. When Edward 15 complained of his lack of issue, Peter replied: 'The kingdom of the English belongs to God; and He will make provision of a king after you to please Himself.'
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.83.5   Beorhtwald 19 was buried at Glastonbury, to which he was very generous.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.91.1-2   King Ine 1 built a monastery in Glastonbury on the advice of the blessed Aldhelm 3. During the reign of King Alfred 8 the monastery was destroyed by the Danes, but noble restored by Dunstan 1 thanks to King Edmund 14's generosity.
Transaction S1666      Centwine 1, king of Wessex, to Hæmgils 2; the abbacy of Glastonbury and 6 hides at Glastonbury.
Office S1666    Hæmgils 2 held office of Abbot
Office S1680    Tyccea 2 held office of Abbot
Office S1684    Guba 1 held office of Abbot
Office S1685    Wealdhun 1 held office of Abbot
Office S1692    Beaduwulf 2 held office of Abbot
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.91.8-9   Many of the early English saints were discovered by King Edmund 14 on his northern expedition, disinterred, and sent to Glastonbury, among them: Hild 1, abbess of the monastery once called Streneshalh and now Whitby - Bede 1 in his History rated her highly; also Ceolfrith 1, abbot of Monkwearmoth, to whom the same Bede 1 devoted a special book. He died at Langres, on extremely old age, while on his way to Rome, but later brought back. Also some of the bones of Aidan 1, first bishop of Lindisfarne. His other bones were taken by Colmán 1 to Scottia; Bede 1 is again our authority. Praise is given at Glastonbury to the confessor Benignus 1, a local hermit, whose remarkable miracles inspired the monks nearby to venerate and translate him. In the house [of Glastonbury] are buried King Edmund 14, the renewer of the place, and his son King Edgar 11, who, remembering his father with gratitude, crowned his gifts with the grant of expensive properties.
Office S1773    Sigegar 1 held office of Abbot
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  v.209.2   Ine 1 founded the monastery of Glastonbury on Aldhelm 3's advice.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  v.228   Aldhelm 3 died at a village in Somerset called Doulting, which he had once given to the monks of Glastonbury. The building where he died was a wooden church, to which he had himself carried as he was breathing his last. Later the church was rebuilt in stone. During its consecration a blind widow [Anonymous 10089] received sight. In this church there is a stone on which the saint sat when he was dying; many sick people are known to have been cured by means of water from its washing.
Office Bates68    Æthelnoth 46 held office of Abbot
Office Bates110    Turstin 1 held office of Abbot
Event RestingPlaces  II.37   St Aidan 1 and St Patrick 1 rest at Glastonbury with other saints.