Location: Fonthill / Wiltshire

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Event S1445      Sire, I will inform you what happened about the land at Fonthill, the 5 hides which Æthelhelm 10 is claiming. When Helmstan 2 committed the crime of stealing Æthelred 22's belt, Higa at once began to bring charge against him, along with other claimants, and wished to win the land from him by litigation. Then he came to me and begged me to intercede for him, because I had stood sponsor to him at his confirmation before he committed that crime. Then I spoke on his behalf and interceded for him with King Alfred 8. Then - may God repay his soul - he allowed him to be entitled to prove his right against Æthelhelm 10 as regards the land, because of my advocacy and true account. Then he ordered that they should be brought agreement, and I [Anonymous 1036] was one of the men appointed to do it, and Wihtbrord 4 and Ælfric 8, who was then keeper of the wardrobe [hrælðen], and Beorhthelm 11 and Wulfhun 3 the Black of Somerton, and Stricca 1 and Ubba 4 and more men than I can now name. Then each of t
Transaction S1284      Denewulf 1, bishop of Winchester, and his brethren there, to Ordlaf 1, comes; grant of 10 hides (manentes) at Lydiard, Wilts [given to Winchester by Ordlaf 1's grandfather, Eanwulf 10]; in exchange Ordlaf 1 gives the bishop 10 hides at Fonthill, Wilts., and the bishop gives his familia 3 hides at Ebincgtun (Yavington in Avington, Hants.).
Transaction S1445      Oswulf 11 bought the land at Fonthill, Wilts. from Æthelthryth 6, wife [widow?] of Æthelwulf 26
Transaction S1445      Anonymous 1036 to Bishop Anonymous 1021; grant of 5 hides at Fontill, Wilts. in exchange for 5 at Lyddiard, Wilts.
Transaction S1445      Æthelwulf 26 to Æthelthryth 6, his wife; grant of the land at Fonthill, Wilts. as her 'morning gift'
Transaction S1445      Helmstan 2 to Anonymous 1036; grant of the deeds of Fonthill, Wilts. in return for his assistance in the dispute over that land