Location: Flamstead / Hertfordshire

Factoid List

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Transaction S1488      Ælfric 46, archbishop, to St Albans 1; bequest of land at Cingesbyrig (probably consisting of land at Flamstead, Herts., and at St Albans); the king was asked to confirm this land.
Transaction S912      King Æthelred 32 to St Albans 1 Abbey; grant of 1 hide (cassata) at Flamstead and 5 at St Albans, Herts., with renewal of extensive liberties granted by King Offa 7. Abbot Leofric 30 had given 200 pounds of gold and silver to the king to pay off the Danes [Anonymi 2653], receiving in exchange these 6 hides and 55 hides at Eadulfinctun; but now he has returned Eadulfinctun.
Possession GDB  138 (Hertfordshire 22:1) Aki 5 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 4 hides in Flamstead, Hertfordshire (in 1066)