Location: Carhampton / Somerset

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Event ASC  840 ADEF(OE and Lat.)G, <840/1> B, 841 C   Here Ęthelwulf 1 fought against thirty-five ships' companies (Anonymi 849); the Danes gained control of the place of slaughter.
Event ASC  833 ACDEF(OE and Lat)G, <833> B   Here Ecgberht 10 fought against 35 ships' companies (Anonymi 840) at Carhampton [ABCDEG: and there was a great slaughter]. The Danes (Anonymi 840) had control of the place of slaughter.
Transaction S806      King Edward 2 with the community at Cheddar 1; 20 hides at Compton and 20 at Banwell, Somerset, for land at Carhampton, Somerset
Event Ęthelweard.Chron  iii.4 (p. 31)   Ęthelwulf 1 started war against the Danes (Anonymi 849) at Carhampton and was defeated by them.
Event Ęthelweard.Chron  iii.3 (p. 30)   Ecgberht 10 fought a fleet of thirty-five ships (Anonymi 840) in a place called Carhampton. The Danes (Anonymi 840) gained the victory.
Transaction S1507      King Alfred 8 to Edward 2, his son; bequest of the land at Stratton in Trigg, Hartland, all the booklands which Leofheah 2 held, the land at Carhampton and at Kilton and at Burnham and at Wedmore - he beseeches the community at Cheddar 1 to choose Edward 2 on the terms they agreed - along with the land at Chewton and what belongs to it, Cannington, Bedwyn, Pewsey, Hurstbourne, Sutton (Hants. or Wilts.), Leatherhead, Carshalton, all the booklands which he has in Kent, and 500 pounds.