Location: Catania / Italy

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Event Hygeburg.VitWillibaldi  4, pp. 100-2   They went to Sebaste, Ptolomaeis and Tyre for the second time, where they were arrested and soon released. Afterwards they sailed for the whole of the winter and landed at Constantinople. Willibald 4 stayed there for two years, then went to Nicaea and returned to Constantinople. After two years he set sail from there and went to Syracuse. Thence they came to Catania, Reggio Calabria and the island of Volcano. After seeing the terrible burning fire of the volcano, they went to Lipari, Naples, Capua, Teano and the monastery of Monte Cassino.
Event Hygeburg.VitWillibaldi  4, pp. 92-7   After asking his kinsmen to accompany him with their prayers, Willibald 4 set off on his journey with two companions (Anonymi 743). They reached Sicily going through Fondi, Gaeta, Naples and Reggio Calabria. Sailing from Syracuse, they reached Monembasia, then Chios, Samos and Ephesus. There they went to the spot of the Seven Sleepers and the tomb of St John, the Evangelist. They spent a day in Phigela and pursued their journey to Hierapolis and Patara. Afterwards they sailed and reached Miletus. Thence they crossed over by sea to Mount Chelidonium and traversed the whole of it. From there they sailed to the island of Cyprus and went to the city of Pamphos, where they stayed three weeks. Then they went to Constantia before setting sail to reach Antarados. They went on foot to a fort called Arche and the town of Emesa. At this point, almost at once, Willibald 4 and his seven companions (Anonymi 744) were arrested by the Saracens.