Location: Jumièges / France

Factoid List

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Office Anon.VitBalthildis    Filibert 1 held office of Abbot
Transaction Anon.VitBalthildis      To the religious man, Lord Filibert 1, at Jumièges, in order to build that monastery Balthild 1 conceded both a large forest from teh disc where this monastery of brothers is located, and many gifts and pastures from the royal fisc.
Event Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.3   Robert 5, who overseas had ruled the monastery of Jumieges, returned with Edward 15 and a group of French nobles.
Office Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.3 Robert 5 held office of Abbot
Status WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  i.22.1 Robert 5 held status of monk of Jumièges
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  i.22.1-2   Robert 5, long loved and now newly honoured [by having been made archbishop] by Edward 15, played a leading part in his counsels, able to demote and promote men at his whim. Robert 5 in the end succeeded in having the leading nobles, Godwine 51 and his sons, accused of treason before the king and banished from England. For the moment his opinion held the day; but next year the cause was referred to the popular judgement, and the exiles were restored. The archbishop was clear that this reconciliation would do him no good; he therefore anticipated any judgement and went to Rome. He came back with letters asserting his innocence and asking for his return; but he met his end at Jumièges.