Location: Yser / River

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Event Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.3   When the active earl [Godwine 51] saw that he was wrongfully overthrown and barred from a legal trial, he assembled a large fleet of the River Yser, and in the middle of the summer [of 1052] put to sea; and entered a port on the shore of Britain. All the eastern and southern English who could manage it met his ship; all came to meet him, like children their long-awaited father. At the same time his two sons, [Harold 3 and Leofwine 69] came with large naval forces from Ireland to meet him; and they wasted with sword, fire, and the seizure for booty all the kingdom from the farthest limits of the western Britons or English to the place where the earl was stationed. With the soldiers made more resolute by mutual exhortation, they crossed the Kentish sea and entered the mouth of the River Thames. Although Edward 15 did not believe the news about the invasion, he nevertheless came with such military force as he could muster to London; and he tried to deny them entry into the city where he was encamped. But the whole city went out to help and protect the earl [Godwine 51].