Location: Fishborough / Worcestershire

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Event Bates133      King William 1 informs Archbishop Lanfranc 1, Bishop Odo 3 of Bayeux, Bishop Wulfstan 55 of Worcester, Urse 1 the sheriff and all his French and English barons of England that he has granted the abbey of Evesham to Abbot Ęthelwig 15 with whatever belongs to it, so that he and all his successors may have it with great honour and peace, with its lands and men, and with such law, custom and liberty, sake and soke, toll and team, and infangenetheof, without town and within, as any of his predecessors and as he himself held them in the time of King Edward 15 and before. The church shall have all lands and possessions as set out in royal charters of King Edward 15 and any other predecessors, and in the ancient precepts written and confirmed for the church. Abbot Ęthelwig 15 and all his successors shall have the hundred of Fishborough in free and pure alms, with everything belonging to the hundred. No sheriff or his officers shall enter, plead or exact anything. William 1 also confirms King Edward 15’s gift to Abbots Manni 1 and Ęthelwig 15 that the abbey shall have a port and market in Evesham, and shall have there all the customs which the king has in his ports and towns. The abbey may purchase food and clothing anywhere in England without paying toll.