Location: Battersea / Surrey

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Transaction Bates290      In exchange for the estate of Windsor, which King Edward 15 had granted to St Peterís, Westminster, King William 1 granted to Edwin 38, abbot of Westminster, and St Peterís, Westinster: Ockendon and Feering, Essex, 14 sokemen, a free man in Thurstable Hundred who held a virgate of land, and 3 houses in Colchester. In order to redeem King Edward 15ís crown and other items of regalia, King William 1 granted Battersea, Wandsworth, and Pyrford, Surrey. They had been held by Earl Harold 3. He granted the tithe of Wick-by-Pershore, Worcs., and restored that part of Wick, which King Edward 15 gave and which had been unjustly taken from the abbey. He also granted: the mother-church of Benfleet, Essex; the mother-church of Bloxham, Oxfordshire; the two mother-churches of Oakham and Hambleton, Rutland, with the church of St Peter in Stamford; the mother-churches of Uppingham and Wardley, Rutland, and the houses of Wulfwine 16 the priest and the sokeland he holds; he ordered the return of the manor of Chollington, Sussex, which Boscelin de Dives had taken by force, and the land and house of Osbern 14 the chamberlain in London. William 1 is also said to have confirmed many lands.
Possession Bates290    Harold 3 Land at Battersea, Wandsworth, and Pyrford, Surrey.
Event Bates291      King William 1 notifies Archbishop Stigand 1, Count Eustace 1 and all his thegns in Surrey that he has granted land in Battersea and Pyrford, Surrey, to the abbey of Westminster as fully and freely as Harold 3 held it on the day he died.
Possession Bates291    Harold 3 Land at Battersea and Pyrford.
Possession GDB  32 (Surrey 6:1) Westminster, St Peter's 1 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 72 hides in Battersea, Surrey (in 1086)
Possession GDB  32 (Surrey 6:1) Harold 3 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 72 hides in Battersea, Surrey (in 1066)