Location: Braydon / Wiltshire

Factoid List

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Transaction S234      Cędwalla 1, king, to Aldhelm 3, abbot; grant of 140 hides (manentes) on both sides of the wood called Kemele (Kemble, Gloucs.), 30 on the east side of the wood of Braydon, Wilts., and 5 at the confluence of the rivers Avon and Wylye
Event ASC  904 A, <905> B, 905 CDG   Led [A: Incited] by Ęthelwald 35, the here (Anonymi 1014) amongst the East Angles (Anonymi 996) raided across the land of the Mercians and places across the Thames.
Transaction S1170      Baldred 1 to Aldhelm 3, abbot; grant of 100 hides (manentes) near the river Avon, round the wood called Stercanlei (cf. Startley Farm in Great Somerford, Wilts.) and at Cnebbanburg, in exchange for 100 hides (cassati) east of the wood called Braydon, Wilts.