Location: Trier / Germany

Factoid List

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Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  5   They [sc. Willibrord 1 and Anonymi 1151] soon arrived at Trier.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  5   After some time through the gift of God and with the growth of the Word of faith Willibrord 1 had his episcopal see in [the castellum at Trier].
PersonInfo Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  Cap.21 Anonymi 1141 [Willibrord 1] defended the handmaidens of God (Anonymi 1141) in the civitas of Trier from the threat of a devastating plague.
PersonInfo Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21 Anonymi 1141 There was an acute outbreak of plague at a convent of women (Anonymi 1141) in Trier.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21   Willibrord 1 was not bothered at coming to them (Anonymi 1141).
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21   Coming into the monasterium, [Willibrord 1] celebrated mass for the sick.
Occupation Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  Cap.21 Anonymi 1141 Nun
Occupation Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21 Anonymi 1141 Nun