Location: Echternach / Luxembourg

Factoid List

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Occupation Anon.VitWillehadi  7 Willehad 1 Scribe
Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7   Willehad 1 chose to conduct a solitary life
Event Anon.VitWillehadi  7   Willehad 1 reached Echternach where he joined up with those of his followers who had escaped from Wigmodia.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  18   The holy man [sc. Willibrord 1] came on a visit to his monasterium.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21   That holy man [sc. Willibrord 1] rested in the body up to the present day [i.e., the time of writing] in the monasterium called Echternach.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  24   [Willibrord 1] was buried in the monasterium of Echternach.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  24   [Willibrord 1] built the monasteriium of Echternach.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  24   There [sc. at the monasterium at Echternach] miracles and acts of healing have not ceased to take place at the relics of the holy priest of God up to the present day.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  25   [Anonymi 1180], placing the body of the man of God [sc. Willibrord 1] in [the sarcophagus] with hymns, psalms and every mark of respect, buried it in the church of the aforementioned monasterium [of Echternach].
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  25   The church of the aforementioned monasterium [sc. Echternach] Willibrord 1 built and dedicated to the Holy Trinity.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  27   Quite often penitents (Anonymi 1181) came to the same church [sc. Holy Trinity, Echternach] encircled by iron bands according to custom; the circles broke and their chains were suddenly released.
Event Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  30   A deacon (Anonymous 387) stole from the church of the holy man [sc. Willibrord 1] a gold cross together with other gifts to the church.
Occupation Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  25 Anonymi 1180 Brother
Possession Alcuin.VitWillibrPr  21 Willibrord 1 The monasterium of the holy man [sc. Willibrord 1] which is called Echternach