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Event Ulmarus.MiracVedasti  7   Echo 1 went to the monastery where Vaast 1 was buried and asked for some relics of the saint in order to build a church dedicated to him in Scotland.
Office Ulmarus.MiracVedasti  7 Anonymous 420 held office of Ruler
Event ASC (A)  933 AE, 934 F(OE and Lat.)G   [Æthelstan 18] greatly harried over it [sc. Scotland] [F(Lat.) substitutes: plundered a great part of the land].
Event ASC (A)  933 AE, 934 F(OE and Lat.)G   Here Æthelstan 18 went into Scotland with a landhere (Anonymi 1461) and a sciphere (Anonymi 1462) [F(Lat.) substitutes: invaded with a great army (Anonymi 1461) by land and by sea].
Event ASC  933 A, <934> B, 934 CDEF(OE and Lat.)G   Æthelstan 18 went to Scotland with his landhere (Anonymi 1544) and his sciphere (Anonymi 1545) {F(lat.) substitutes: with a great army (Anonymi 1544) by land and by sea].
Event ASC  933 AE, <934> B, 934 CDF(OE and Lat.)G   [Æthelstan 18] harried much of [Scotland].
Event EncomiumEmmae  2.17, 2.19   Many peoples were subdued in war and compelled to pay annual tribute to Cnut 3.
Office EncomiumEmmae  2.19 Cnut 3 held office of King
Office EncomiumEmmae    Cnut 3 held office of Emperor
Office ASC (C-F)  1034 D Malcolm 2 held office of King (King in Scotland)
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  CD 1054   MS C: Earl Siweard 11 went with a large force into Scotland and inflicted heavy losses on the Scots and round them, and the king escaped. Also many fell on his side both among Danes and English, his own son also.

MS D: Earl Siweard 11 proceeded with a large force to Scotland, both with a naval force and a land force, and fought there with the Scots and routed the king Macbeth 1, and killed all the best in the land, and carried off a large amount of plunder such as had never been captured before. But his son Osbeorn 2 and his sister’s son Siweard 12 and some of his housecarls, and also some of the king’s, were killed there on the day of the Seven Sleepers [27 July].
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  C 1066   Earl Tosti 2 came from overseas into the Isle of Wight with as large a fleet as he could muster, and both money and provisions were given them him. And then he went away from there and did damage everywhere along the sea coast wherever he could reach, until he came to Sandwich. When King Harold 3, who was in London, was informed that his brother Tosti 2 was come to Sandwich, he assembled a naval force and a land force larger than any king had assembled before in this country, because he had been told as a fact that Count William 1 from Normandy, King Edward 15’s kinsman, meant to come here and subdue this country. This was exactly what happened afterwards. When Tosti 2 found that King Harold 3 was on his way to Sandwich, he went from Sandwich and took some of the sailors with him, some willingly, some unwillingly, and then went north to [ ] and ravaged in Lindsey and killed many good men there. When Earl Edwin 33 and Earl Morcar 3 understood about this, they came there and drove him out of the country; and then he went to Scotland, and the king of the Scots [Malcolm 5 Canmore] gave him protection, and helped him with provisions, and he stayed there all the summer. Then King Harold 3 came to Sandwich and waited for his fleet there, because it was long before it could be assembled, he went to the Isle of Wight and lay there all that summer and autumn; and a land force was kept everywhere along by the sea, though in the end it was no use. When it was the feast of the Nativity of St Mary [8 September], the provisions of the people were gone, and nobody could keep them there any longer. Then the men were allowed to go home, and the king rode inland, and the ships were brought up to London, and many perished before they reached there. When the ships came home, Harald 5, king of Norway [cynge on Norwegan], came by surprise north into the Tyne with a very large naval force – no small one: it could be [ ] or more. And Earl Tosti 2 came to him with all those he had mustered, just as they had agreed beforehand, and they both went with all the fleet up the Ouse towards York. Then King Harold 3 in the south was informed when he disembarked that Harald 5, king of Norway, and Earl Tosti 2 were come ashore near York. Then he went northwards day and night as quickly as he could assemble his force. Then before Harold 3 could get there Earl Edwin 33 and Morcar 3 assembled from their earldom as large a force as they could muster, and fought against the invaders and caused them heavy casualties, and many of the English host were killed and drowned and put to flight, and the Norwegians remained masters of the field [Fulford]. And this fight was on the eve of St Matthew the Apostle, and that was a Wednesday. And then after the fight Harald 5, king of Norway, and Earl Tosti 2 went into York with as large a force as suited them, and they were given hostages from the city and also helped with provisions, and so went from there on board ship and settled a complete peace, arranging that they should all go with him southwards and subdue this country. Then in the middle of these proceedings Harold 3, king of the English [Engla cyningc], came on the Sunday with all his force to Tadcaster, and there marshalled his troops, and then on Monday went right on through York. And Harald 5 king of Norway, and Earl Tosti 2 and their divisions were gone inland beyond York to Stamford Bridge, because they had been promised for certain that hostages would be brought to them there out of all the shire. Then Harold 3, king of the English, came against them by surprise beyond the bridge, and there they joined battle, and went on fighting strenuously till late in the day. And there Harald 5, king of Norway, was killed and Earl Tosti 2, and numberless men with them both Norwegians and English, and the Norwegians fled from the English. There was one of the Norwegians [Anonymous 10023] there who withstood the English host so that they could not cross the bridge nor win victory. Then an Englishman [Anonymous 10024] shot an arrow, but it was no use, and then another [Anonymous 10025] came under the bridge and stabbed him under the corselet. Then Harold 3, king of the English, came over the bridge and his host with him, and there killed large numbers of both Norwegians and Flemings, and Harold 3 let the king’s son Mundus 1 go home to Norway go home to Norway with all the ships.
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  E 1066   In the same year that he [Harold 3] became king he went out with a naval force against William 1, and meanwhile Earl Tosti 2 came into the Humber with 60 ships; and Earl Edwin 33 came with a land force and drove him out and the sailors deserted him, and he went to Scotland with 12 small vessels, and Harold 3, the Norse king, met him with 300 ships, and Tosti 2 submitted to him; and they both went up the Humber until they reached York. And Earl Morcar 3 and Earl Edwin 33 fought against them, and the Norse king had the victory. And King Harold 3 was informed as to what had been done, and what had happened, and he came with a very great force of Englishmen and me him at Stamford Bridge, and killed him and Earl Tosti 2 and valiantly overcame all the invaders. Meanwhile Count William 1 landed at Hastings on Michaelmas day, and Harold 3 came from the north and fought with him before all the army had come, and there he fell and his two brothers Gyrth 1 and Leofwine 69; and William 1 conquered this country, and came to Westminster, and Archbishop Ealdred 37 consecrated him king, and people paid taxes to him, and gave him hostages and afterwards bought their lands. And Leofric 23, abbot of Peterborough, was at that campaign and fell ill there, and came home died soon after, on the eve of All Saints. God have mercy on his soul.
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  DE 1067   MS D: In the course of the summer, Edgar 14 Cild went abroad with his mother Agatha 2 and his two sisters, Margaret 1 and Christina 1, and Mærleswein 1 and many good men with them, and came to Scotland under the protection of King Malcolm 5, and he received them all. Then the aforesaid King Malcolm 5 began to desire his sister Margaret 1 for his wife, but he and his men all opposed it for a long time; and she also refused, saying that she would have neither him nor any other if the heavenly mercy would graciously grant it to her to please in virginity with human heart the mighty Lord in pure continence through this short life. The king pressed her brother until he said ‘yes’, and indeed he dared not do anything else, because they had come into his control.

MS E: And that summer Edgar 14 Cild went abroad, and Mærleswein 1, and many people with them, and went into Scotland. And King Malcolm 5 received them all and married the atheling’s sister, Margaret 1.
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  DE 1068   MS D: In this year King William 1 gave Earl Robert 6 the aldermanry of Northumberland; but the local people surrounded him in the city of Durham and killed him and 900 men with him. And soon after that the atheling Edgar 14 came to York with all the Northumbrians, and the citizens made peace with him. And King William 1 came on them by surprise from the south with an overwhelming army and routed them, and killed those who could not escape, which was many hundreds of men, and ravaged the city, and made St Peter’s minster an object of scorn, and ravaged and humiliated all the others. And the atheling went back to Scotland.

MS E: In this year King William 1 gave Earl Robert 6 the earldom of Northumberland. Then the local people came against him and killed him and 900 men with him. And the atheling Edgar 14 came then with all the Northumbrians to York, and the citizens made peace with him. And King William 1 came from the south with all his army and ravaged the city, and killed many hundreds of men. And the atheling went back to Scotland.
Event ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1075; E 1074   MS D: In this year King William 1 went overseas to Normandy. And Edgar 14 Cild came from Flanders into Scotland on St Grimbald’s day. And King Malcolm 5 and Edgar 14’s sister, Margaret 1, received him with great honour. At the same time the king of France, Philip 1, sent a letter to him and ordered him to come to him, saying he would give him the castle of Montreuil so that he could do daily harm to those who were not his friends. So now King Malcolm 5 and Edgar 14’s sister, Margaret 1, gave him and all his men great gifts and many treasures consisting of skins covered with purple cloth, and robes of marten’s skin and of grey fur and ermine, and costly robes and golden vessels and silver, and led him and all his naval force out of his jurisdiction with great honour. But on the journey it turned out badly for them when they were out at sea, in that they met very rough weather, and the raging sea and the strong wind cast them ashore so that all their ships foundered and they themselves got to land with difficulty and their treasure was nearly all lost. And some of his men were captured by the French, but he and his fittest men went back to Scotland, some walking miserably on foot, and some riding wretchedly. Then King Malcolm 5 advised him to send overseas to King William 1 and ask for his protection, and he did so; and the king granted it to him and sent for him. And again King Malcolm 5 and Edgar 14’s sister gave him and all his men immense treasure, and again very honourably sent him out of their jurisdiction. And the sheriff of York came to meet them at Durham and went all the way with them and had them provided with food and fodder at every castle they came to, until they got overseas to the king. And King William 1 received him with great honour and he stayed at court and received such dues as were appointed him.

MS E: In this year King William 1 went overseas to Normandy. And Edgar 14 Cild came from Scotland to Normandy, and the king reversed his outlawry and that of all his men. And he was in the king’s court and received such dues as the king granted him.