Location: Childs Wickham / Gloucestershire

Factoid List

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Transaction S1174      Æthelric 4, son of King Oshere 1, with the consent of Cenred 2, king of the Mercians, to St Mary's at Hom (Evesham); grant of 8 hides (manentes) at Childswickham, Worcs.
Transaction S1250      Statement by Ecgwine 1, bishop of the Hwicce, of the lands he acquired for the minster at Evesham, St Mary's
Transaction S786      King Edgar 11 to Pershore 1 Abbey; grant of privileges and restoration of land at Pershore 1, and of 10 hides (mansi) at Bricklehampton, 10 at Comberton, 5 at Pensham in Pershore 1 St Andrew, 16 at Eckington, 10 at Birlingham, 10 at Defford, 10 at Strensham, 10 at Besford, land at Cromban (? Croombe Perry in Pirton), 10 hides at Severn Stoke, 10 hides at Pirton, 4 at Wadborough in Pershore 1 Holy Cross, 3 at Chevington ibid., 3 at Broughton ibid., 10 at Peopleton, 10 at Sodsbury, 7 at Naunton Beauchamp, 4 at Abberton, 5 at Wihtlafestune (? North Piddle), 5 at Flyford, 5 at Grafton Flyford, 5 at Dormston, 5 at Martin Hussingtree, 3 at Broughton Hackett, 2 at Libbery in Grafton Flyford, 30 at Longdon, 7 at Powick, 3 at Beornothesleahe (Leigh), all in Worcs.; 3 at Acton Beauchamp, Herefords.; 40 at South Stoke (i.e. Hawkesbury), Hillesley, Tresham, Kilcott, Oldbury on the Hill, Didmarton, Badminton and Hawkesbury Upton, 10 at Dyrham, 5 at Longney, 6 at Lydney, 6 at Wyegate, all in Gloucs.; 5 at Beoley, 5 at Yardley, Worcs.; 10 at Sture (Alderminster, Warwicks.); 20 at Broadway, Worcs.; 5 at Coltune; 10 at Childs Wickham, Gloucs.; sites for vats at Middlewich and Netherwich in Droitwich, furnaces at Witton in Droitwich and 1.5 hides at Horton in Hampton Lovett, Worcs., and 3 iugera with meadow at Worcester
Possession GDB  168 (Gloucestershire 47:1) Robert 51 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 10 hides in Childswickham, Gloucestershire (in 1086)
Possession GDB  168 (Gloucestershire 47:1) Baldwin 14 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 10 hides in Childswickham, Gloucestershire (in 1066)