Location: King's Norton / Worcestershire

Factoid List

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Transaction S64      Offa 3, king of the Mercians (? recte of Essex), also termed subregulus, to the church of Worcester 1; grant of 33 hides (cassati) at Shottery, 3 at Nuthurst, Warwicks.; and 3 at Hellerelege (lost, in Kings Norton), Worcs.
Transaction S117      Offa 7, king of the Mercians, to the church of Bredon, St Peter's 1, for the use of the bishop of Worcester; grant of 10 hides (manentes) at Wærsetfelda (cf. Wast Hills in Alvechurch), 5 hides (cassati) at Cofton Hackett and 5 hides (mansae) at Rednal in Kings Norton, Worcs.
Transaction S1272      Ealhhun 2, bishop, with his familia at Worcester 1, to King Beorhtwulf 2; lease, for five lives, of 5 hides (manentes) at Wearset felda, 5 (cassati) at Cofton Hackett, 5 (manentes) at Rednal in King's Norton, 2 at Wast Hill and Hopwood in Alvechurch, Worcs., and 3 at Witlafesfeld, with reversion to the church of Worcester 1
Transaction S428      King Æthelstan 18 to Worcester, St Mary's 1; grant of 5 hides (manentes) at Werstfelda, 5 (cassati) at Cofton Hackett, 5 at Rednal in Kings Norton, 2 at Wast Hills and Hopwood in Alvechurch, all in Worcs.; and 3 at Wihtlafesfeld