Location: Oldberrow / Warwickshire

Factoid List

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Transaction S79      Beorhtwulf 2, king, to Evesham, St Mary's 1; grant of 12 agri at Oldberrow, Warwicks.
Transaction S79      Cenred 2, king of the Mercians, to Ecgwine 1, bishop; grant, for life, of 12 agri at Oldberrow, Warwicks., with reversion to Evesham, St Mary's 1
Transaction S1250      Statement by Ecgwine 1, bishop of the Hwicce, of the lands he acquired for the minster at Evesham, St Mary's
Transaction Bates135      King William 1 to Abbot Walter 7 and Evesham; restoration of lands at Gildeneberga, (Four-Shire Stone, Warwicks., near Moreton-in-Marsh). The lands are Weston-on-Avon and Upper Swell, Gloucs., Bengeworth, Worcs., Binton, Wixford, Oldberrow, Kinwarton, Hillingborough, and Ragley all in Warwicks..