Location: Hampton, Great and/or Little / Worcestershire

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Transaction S1250      Statement by Ecgwine 1, bishop of the Hwicce, of the lands he acquired for the minster at Evesham, St Mary's
Transaction S80      Cenred 1, king of the Mercians, and Offa 5, ruler of the East Angles, to the monastery at Evesham, St Mary's; confirmation of 67 hides (mansae) at Evesham, Lenchwick, Norton, Offenham, Littleton, Aldington, Badsey, Bretforton, Church Honeybourne, Willersey, Wickhamford, Bengeworth, Hampton, and at Abbots Morton, all in Worcs. except Willersey, Gloucs.
Transaction S118      Offa 7, king of the Mercians, to the bishopric of Worcester 1; grant of 7 hides (manentes) at Cropthorne, 1 at Netherton, 2 at Elmley Castle, 1 at Kersoe in Elmley Castle, 14 at Charlton, 15 at Hampton and 10 at Bengeworth, Worcs.
Transaction S873      King Æthelred 32 to Northman 3, his minister; grant of 5 hides (manentes) at Hampton, near Evesham, Worcs.
Transaction S1223      Leofric 49, comes, to Evesham 1 Abbey; grant of land at Hampton, Worcs.
Transaction S1052      King Edward 15 to Evesham Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of 5 hides at Hampton, Worcs., granted by Leofric 49, comes.
Transaction S1052      Leofric 49, comes, granting land to Bishop Lyfing 15.
Transaction S1053      Leofric 49, dux, grant of Hampton, Worcs., to Evesham
Transaction S1053      King Edward 15 to Evesham Abbey; confirmation of the grant by Leofric 49, dux, of land at Hampton, Worcs..
Transaction S1398      Leofric 49, comes, to Manni 1, abbot, and Evesham; grant of land at Hampton, Worcs..
Event Bates348      King William 1 orders Urse 1 the sheriff and Osbern 16 fitzScrob and all Frenchmen and Englishmen of Worcs. to ensure that Bishop Wulfstan 55 should have fully his sake and soke, his services, and all the customs belonging to his hundred (of Oswaldslow) and his lands, as he had them in the time of King Edward 15. He is to have the lands which he proved that the abbot of Evesham should hold of his fee, namely, 4 hides in Bengeworth and the houses in the city of Worcester, in such a way that if the abbot wished to hold them, he should do service the bishop’s other vassals. And for the 15 hides of Hampton, over which the bishop has proved his right to soke, geld, military service and other royal services as belonging to his hundred, and church-scot and burial dues which belong to his vill, William 1 orders that no one is to hold them against him. He is to have all things belonging to royal service and his own, as proved and sworn before Bishop Geoffrey 2 and the addressees, with the witness of the shire.
Event Bates349      Record of the plea between Bishop Wulfstan 55 of Worcester and Abbot Walter 7 of Evesham, concerning the bishop’s claim against the abbot for sake and soke, burial dues and church-scot and suits and customs which should be due to the church of Worcester in the hundred of Oswaldslow, as well as the king’s geld service and military service on land and sea from the 15 hides at Hampton and the 4 hides at Bengeworth, which the abbot ought to hold from the bishop as other tenants of the church held freely for every service due to the king and bishop.