Location: Cornwall / Cornwall

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Event Asser.VitAlfredi  74.20-1   Neot 1 was buried in the same church as Gueriir 1.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  74.20   Gueriir 1 was buried in a church in Cornwall.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  74.19-39   Alfred 8 made a detour to visit a church where Gueriir 1 was buried.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  74.18-19   Alfred 8 went to Cornwall to hunt.
Occupation Asser.VitAlfredi  102 Anonymi 166 Monk
Transaction Asser.VitAlfredi  81   Exeter with all the jurisdiction pertaining to it in Saxon territory and in Cornwall
Event Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 48)   Dubslane 1, Maccbethu 1 and Maelinmun 1 came via Cornwall and visited Alfred 8.
Office S880    Ealdred 42 held office of Bishop
Office S1380    Ealdred 42 held office of Bishop (bishop of the church of Cornwall)
Transaction S1507      King Alfred 8 to [Ęthelweard 5], his younger son; bequest of land at Arreton, Dean, Meon, Amesbury, Dean, Sturminster, Yeovil, Crewkerne, Whitchurch, Axmouth, Branscombe, Cullompton, Tiverton, Milbourne, Exminster, Sušeswyrde, Lifton, all that he has in Cornwall, except Trigg, 500 pounds.
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  C 1045; D 1047; E 1044 Lyfing 15 MS D: 'he had three bishoprics, one in Devon and one in Cornwall and one in Worcester.' MS E: 'bishop of Devonshire'.
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1047 Leofric 60 Bishop of Cornwall
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  E 1048 Odda 8 Eorl of Devon and Somerset and Dorset and Cornwall.
Office WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.94.1 Lyfing 15 held office of Bishop
Office WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.94.2 Buruhwald 1 held office of Bishop
Event S1021      King Edward 15 joined the two dioceses of Devon and Cornwall and transfers the seat of the united bishopric to Exeter.
Transaction Plym1      King Ęthelstan 18 (? to Bishop Conan 1); grant of the bishopric of St German’s, Cornwall.