Location: Beddington / Surrey

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Transaction S1181      Frithuwald 4, subregulus of Surrey, and Eorcenwald 1, to Chertsey Minster; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Molesey, 10 at Petersham, 7 at Tooting with Streatham, 7 at Mitcham, 30 at Sutton, 10 at Carshalton (Ęuueltone), 20 at Beddington, 7 at Waddington, 20 at Coulsdon, 20 at Merstham, 5 at Chipstead with Chaldon, 10 at Banstead with Suthemeresfelda (Canon's Farm in Banstead), 5 at Tadworth, 20 at Epsom, 30 at Ewell with Cuddington, 20 at Cheam with swine-pasture in the Weald, 20 at Bookham with Effingham, 20 at Cobham with Pointers, 5 at Esher, 5 at Apps Court, 10 and 2 at East and West Clandon, 2 at Albury, 4 at Compton, 5 at Henley Park, Surrey; 30 at Winchfield with Elvetham, Hants.; 8 at Byfleet with Weybridge, Surrey; and 10 at White Waltham, Berks.
Event Wulfstan Cantor.VitĘthelwoldi  41   Ęthelwold 1 went to Beddington, a town sixty miles from Winchester. Staying there for a while, he fell seriously ill.
Event Wulfstan Cantor.VitĘthelwoldi  41   After having stayed in Beddington for a while, Ęthelwold 1 fell seriously ill. He was anointed with the holy oil, received the Lord's body and blood and died there.
Event Wulfstan Cantor.VitĘthelwoldi  41   A countless multitude flocked to Ęthelwold 1's funeral. The procession went from Beddington to Winchester, where the whole city with one accord met the body. His body was led to the church of St Peter and St Paul's. He was buried in the crypt to the south of the holy altar.
Transaction S376      King Edward 2 to Frithestan 1, bishop of Winchester; confirmation of the beneficial hidation of Chilcomb, Hants., in return for the bishop's confirmation to the king of leases for 100 hides at Downton, Wilts., and 70 hides at Beddington, Surrey
Transaction S420      King Ęthelstan 18 to the familia of Chertsey 1 Minster; confirmation of land at Chertsey, Thorpe, Egham, Chobham, Frimley, Weybridge, Woodham in Chertsey, Whone Waldesham (i.e. Hundulsham, lost, in Weybridge), Getinges (cf. Eaton Farm, Chobham), Molesey, Petersham, Tooting, Streatham, Mitcham, Sutton, Thunderfield, Carshalton (Euualtone), Beddington, Waddington, Coulsdon, Chipstead, Merstham, Chaldon, Banstead with Suthmeresfelda (Canon's Farm, Banstead), Cheam, Cuddington, Ewell, Epsom, Tadworth, Bookham, Effingham, East Clandon, Cobham, Pointers in Cobham, Albury, West Clandon, Byfleet, Dritham, Bisley, all in Surrey; and White Waltham, Berks.
Transaction S815      King Edgar 11 to Winchester Cathedral 1; confirmation of 70 hides (mansae) at Beddington, Surrey, with woodland at Cysledun (? Chessington), Tandridge and Lace (in Horley), Surrey
Transaction S1444      Denewulf 1, bishop, to King Edward 2; lease of 70 hides at Beckington, Surrey
Possession GDB  36v (Surrey 29:1) Ulf 33 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 25 hides in Beddington, Surrey (in 1066)
Possession GDB  34v (Surrey 19:15) Richard 18 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 25 hides in Beddington, Surrey (in 1086)
Possession GDB  34v (Surrey 19:15) Azur 1 Property recorded in Domesday Book: 25 hides in Beddington, Surrey (in 1066)