Location: Bookham / Surrey

Factoid List

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Transaction S1181      Frithuwald 4, subregulus of Surrey, and Eorcenwald 1, to Chertsey Minster; grant of 20 hides (mansae) at Molesey, 10 at Petersham, 7 at Tooting with Streatham, 7 at Mitcham, 30 at Sutton, 10 at Carshalton (∆uueltone), 20 at Beddington, 7 at Waddington, 20 at Coulsdon, 20 at Merstham, 5 at Chipstead with Chaldon, 10 at Banstead with Suthemeresfelda (Canon's Farm in Banstead), 5 at Tadworth, 20 at Epsom, 30 at Ewell with Cuddington, 20 at Cheam with swine-pasture in the Weald, 20 at Bookham with Effingham, 20 at Cobham with Pointers, 5 at Esher, 5 at Apps Court, 10 and 2 at East and West Clandon, 2 at Albury, 4 at Compton, 5 at Henley Park, Surrey; 30 at Winchfield with Elvetham, Hants.; 8 at Byfleet with Weybridge, Surrey; and 10 at White Waltham, Berks.
Transaction S420      King ∆thelstan 18 to the familia of Chertsey 1 Minster; confirmation of land at Chertsey, Thorpe, Egham, Chobham, Frimley, Weybridge, Woodham in Chertsey, Whone Waldesham (i.e. Hundulsham, lost, in Weybridge), Getinges (cf. Eaton Farm, Chobham), Molesey, Petersham, Tooting, Streatham, Mitcham, Sutton, Thunderfield, Carshalton (Euualtone), Beddington, Waddington, Coulsdon, Chipstead, Merstham, Chaldon, Banstead with Suthmeresfelda (Canon's Farm, Banstead), Cheam, Cuddington, Ewell, Epsom, Tadworth, Bookham, Effingham, East Clandon, Cobham, Pointers in Cobham, Albury, West Clandon, Byfleet, Dritham, Bisley, all in Surrey; and White Waltham, Berks.
Transaction S752      King Edgar 11 to Chertsey 1 Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land, consisting of 5 hides (mansae) at Chertsey 1 and 10 hides (cassati) at Thorpe, 20 at Egham with Englefield, 5 at Chobham with Busseleghe, Frensham and Frimley, 10 (mansiones) at Petersham, 30 at Sutton with swine-pastures at Thunderfield Castle, 20 at Cheam with swine-pastures in the Weald [and the charter which Edgar 11 had bought from Edwin 16 for 50 mancuses], 10 at Waddington, 20 at Coulsdon, 20 at Merstham, 10 at Chipstead with Chaldon, 10 at Banstead with Suthemeresfelda (cf. Canon's Farm in Banstead), 20 at Epsom, 12 at Bookham, 10 at (East) Clandon, 20 at Cobham with Pointers (in Cobham), 5 at Byfleet with Weybridge, all in Surrey; 10 at (White) Waltham, Berks.; and 20 at Molesey, Surrey [which King Eadwig 4 unjustly gave to Winchester, Old Minster 1, and which were retrieved by Edgar 11 and Bishop ∆thelwold 1]
Transaction S1035      King Edward 15 to Chertsey Abbey; confirmation of privileges and of land.