Location: Shaftesbury / Dorset

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Office Asser.VitAlfredi  98 Æthelgifu 4 held office of Abbess (Abbess of Shaftesbury)
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  102   Alfred 8 commanded his ministri (Anonymi 160) to divide his annual income from taxes into four.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  98   [Alfred 8] richly endowed the two monasteria [of Athelney and Shaftesbury] with landed estates and all kinds of wealth.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  98   Alfred 8 appointed Æthelgifu 4 as abbess.
Event Asser.VitAlfredi  98   Alfred 8 ordered that a monasterium appropriate as a dwelling for nuns be built near the west gate at Shaftesbury.
Occupation Asser.VitAlfredi  98 Anonymi 159 Nun
Occupation Asser.VitAlfredi  98 Anonymi 159 Nun
Occupation Asser.VitAlfredi  102 Anonymi 159 Nun
Event Lantfred.TransMiracSwithuni  36   Many bodies of sick persons received medication through the intercession of Ælfgifu 2, where she lied in repose.
Event Lantfred.TransMiracSwithuni  36   Hoping to be healed there through Ælfgifu 2's intercession, Anonymous 572 went to Shaftesbury, although his wife (Anonymous 573) had advised him to go to Winchester and ask fro Swithhun 5's intercession.
Event ASC (DEF)  980 F(Lat.)   [Dunstan 1 and Ælfhere 10] buried it [sc. the body of Edward 12] honourably there [sc. at Shaftesbury].
Event ASC (DEF)  980 DEF(OE and Lat.)   [DE: Here in this year] [F(OE): Dunstan 1 and] Ælfhere 10 [F(Lat.): with Dunstan 1] brought the body of the king [sc. Edward 12] from Wareham and carried it [DEF(Lat.): with great honour] to Shaftesbury.
Event ASC (BC)  982 C   In this same year two abbesses among the people of Dorset (Anonymi 1595) passed away: Herelufu 1 at Shaftesbury and Wulfwynn 4 at Wareham.
Office ASC (BC)  982 C Herelufu 1 held office of Abbess (Abbess at Shaftesbury)
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.19, p. 544   Many diseased bodies were cured at the tomb of Ælfgifu 2 in Shaftesbury.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.19, p. 546   Anonymous 642 set out to go to Shaftesbury, despite having been urged by his wife (Anonymous 643) to go to the tomb of Swithhun 5. After Anonymous 642 had spent a night in vigil at Shaftesbury his blindness did not get better at all and instead worsened as an immense lump had grown above his eye and was intensely painful.
Occupation S357    Æthelgifu 4 Nun
Transaction S655      King Eadwig 4 to Wulfgar Wulfgar Leofa 1, his karus: grant of land at Shaftesbury, Dorset
Event ASC (C-F)  1035 CD, 1036 EF(OE and Lat.)   Here Cnut 3 passed away [CD add: on 12 November] at Shaftesbury.
Event ASC (C-F)  1035 CD   He [sc. Cnut 3's body] was carried [C: from there (sc. Shaftesbury)] to Winchester.
Event Æthelweard.Chron  iv.6   Innumerable miracles took place at the tomb of Ælfgifu 3 in the monastery at Shaftesbury up to the present day [i.e., the time of writing].
Office NewMinster.LiberVitae  Fol 26r.20.x Herelufu 1 held office of Abbess
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.86.1   A stone from an ancient wall reads: 'King Alfred 8 made this city [Shaftsbury] in the year of our Lord 880, the eighth of his reign'.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.86.1-2   Ælfgifu 3, wife of the Edmund 14 who was great-grandson of Alfred 8, founded a nunnery [in Shaftsbury], and here her bodily remains lay after her death. She was a woman ever devoted to good works, pious and sweet-natured.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.86.4-6   In Shaftesbury lay St Edward 12, grandson of Ælfgifu 3 by her son Edgar 11, who went to heaven after being killed for no good reason by his stepmother [Ælfthryth 8]. His first place of burial was Wareham, close to the sea not far from Corfe, and then translated to Shaftsbury. In after time, however, half of the body was taken to Leominster, half to Abingdon.
Event NorthernAnnals.SecondSet  85   After Edgar 11 reigned his son Edward 12, who, having been slain by the treachery of his stepmother [Ælfthryth 8], rests in Shaftsbury.
Event RestingPlaces  II.36   St Edward 12, king, and St Ælfgifu 3 rest at Shaftesbury.
Possession GDB  75 (Dorset B:4) Shaftesbury, St Mary and St Edward's 1 Property recorded in Domesday Book: [fiscal data not specified] in Shaftesbury, Dorset (in 1066)
Possession GDB  75 (Dorset B:4) Leofgifu 5 Property recorded in Domesday Book: [fiscal data not specified] in Shaftesbury, Dorset (in 1066)