Location: Berkshire / Berkshire

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Status Asser.VitAlfredi  35 Ęthelwulf 16 held office of Comes (Comes of the district of Berkshire)
Event ASC (C-F)  1009 CDE   From there [sc. the Isle of Wight] they [sc. Anonymi 2242] harried and burned everywhere among the South Saxons (Anonymi 2343) and Hampshire and also in Berkshire, as was their custom.
Event ASC (C-F)  1006 CDEF(OE and Lat.)   Then in midwinter they (Anonymi 2232) went [to collect] their customary food-render out through Hampshire into Berkshire, to Reading.
Office Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.1 Ęthelwulf 16 held office of Dux (Dux of the province of Berkshire)
Event Ęthelweard.Chron  iv.3 (p. 49)   The army from Gaul (Anonymi 2531) harried as far as Northamptonshire and Berkshire.
Office ASC (C-F) 1042-1087  D 1077 Herman 2 held office of Bishop
Event S1141      Writ of King Edward 15 declaring that he has given to Westminster Abbey, Windsor, Berks., and Staines, Middx.
Event S1404      Writ of Bishop Siweard 7 concerning Beorhtwine 16's claim to Leckhampstead, Berks.. The land had originally been leased for 3 lives to [Beorhtmund 7], Beorhtwine 16's father. The second life had been taken by his mother [Anonymous 10066], and the third by his brother [Beorhtnoth 24], after which time Siweard 7 had arranged for an extra life's lease for the benefit of Beorhtwine 16 who subsequently claimed that he had been given the land by hereditary right.