Location: Farne Islands / Northumberland

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Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.6 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.5 Cuthbert 1 Farmer
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.4 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.1 Cuthbert 1 Hermit
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.3 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iv.13   After taking communion and lifting up his eyes and hands to heaven, Cuthbert 1 commanded his soul to the Lord, breathed his last, and without a sigh went in the way of his fathers.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iv.12   Wealhstod 1 suffered from dysentery, but was healed by Cuthbert 1 when he went specially to minister him in his cell.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iv.1   Ecgfrith 4, Trumwine 1 and chosen men of Lindisfarne (Anonymi 210) came to him bearing the decision of the council.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.5   Cuthbert 1 saw two ravens tearing to pieces the roof of the shelter built near the landing-place, and making themselves a nest. After trying to bid them not to do that injury to those who came over the sea, he banished them from the island. After three days one returned to Cuthbert and began to croak loudly, with humble cries asking his pardon. He gave them pardon and both returned to the island, each holding in its beak half of a piece of swine's lard as a gift for him.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.3   Following the command of Cuthbert 1, the brethren (Anonymi 223) who were visiting him dug the earth in the middle of the floor of his dwelling, looking for water. At once they discovered a fountain of living water which broke out of the rocky ground.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.4   Cuthbert 1 had asked the brethren (Anonymi 223) who came to visit him for some wood twelve feet in length, in order to join the edge of a rock rising from the sea. That same night the sea landed a floating timber where it was to be placed for the building.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.2   Cuthbert 1 managed to build into a wall a stone that four brethren together had not managed to move.
Event Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.1   Cuthbert 1 put the devils to flight and, digging down almost a cubit of a man into the earth, he made a space to dwell in.
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iii.7 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Anon.VitCuthberti  iv.11 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  17   After driving out the demons from Farne Island Cuthbert 1 made himself a dwelling place.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  18   When some brethren (Anonymi 233) were visiting, they prayed God for water as Cuthbert 1's dwelling-place was lacking in it. They dug in the midst of his dwelling a pit, and on the next day they found it full of water which came from within.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  19   After trying unsuccessfully to grow wheat, Cuthbert 1 asked the brethren (Anonymi 233) who visited him to take some barley, to see if that may produce a crop. It brought forth a very abundant crop, but when it began to ripen some birds came and eagerly set about consuming it. He approached them and asked them to leave. They departed immediately.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  20   Cuthbert 1 reproached some ravens which were taking the straw from his roof for their nests. After three days one of them came back asking for his pardon.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  21   When his visitors (Anonymi 233) forgot about the timber Cuthbert 1 had asked them for, the night tide carried up some timber of the required length and placed it over the very spot whereon it was to be set for the building.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  24   Since Cuthbert 1 could by no means be dragged from his place, Ecgfrith 4 and Trumwine 1 (together with many other religious and powerful men) sailed to his island and at last they drew him from his retirement.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  36   After some brothers (Anonymi 239) had visited him, Cuthbert 1 told them to eat a certain goose hanging on the wall. But they did not obey him and for seven days they had to remain on the island because of the raging sea.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  37-40   Cuthbert 1 was attacked by a sudden illness and died.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  37   Herefrith 1 and some brethren (Anonymi 240) went to visit Cuthbert 1.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  37   After five days of tempest, Herefrith 1 went to see Cuthbert 1 again.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  37   Herefrith 1 and some other brethren convinced Cuthbert 1 to be buried in Lindisfarne.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  46   Ęthelwald 8 died on the island.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  46   Eadfrith 3 decided to restore the oratory, which had been used by Cuthbert 1 and Ęthelwald 8, from its foundations, since it was falling to pieces through age.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  46   Ęthelwald 8 used the skin of a calf to repair the oratory that Cuthbert 1 had been using before him. He fixed it with nails in a corner to keep out the violence of the storms.
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  46 Ęthelwald 8 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  17 Cuthbert 1 Hermit
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiPr  46 Felgild 1 Anchorite
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  46   Felgild 1 took down the calf-skin from the wall, cut it into pieces, and put the first stripe in water. When a drop fell on his face, he wept it away and discovered that he had been healed of his facial tumour.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  36   Cuthbert 1 died after receiving his viaticum, while still engaged in heavenly praise.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  35   When the brethren insisted for him take one attendant in his dwelling, Cuthbert 1 chose Wealhstod 1, so that he could provide the consolation of brotherly love for him. As soon as he entered the dwelling, Wealhstod 1 was healed from his dysentery.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  17   After sowing some land and when an abundant crop had sprung up, some birds attempted to steal Cuthbert 1's corn, When he spoke to them, they departed and never again dared to infringe his jurisdiction.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  16   Through his prayers Cuthbert 1 struck a pleasant spring of water from the dry rock.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  15   Cuthbert 1 established humble dwellings and strengthened the walls with movable stones which six strong men could scarcely carry on their backs.
Event Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  15   The island was stiff with aerial demons and it fended off all human occupancy with dark threats. Cuthbert 1 expelled its foul inhabitants from their dwellings.
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  45 cap. Ęthelwald 8 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  15 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  32, 33 Cuthbert 1 Hermit
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  44 Felgild 1 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.VitCuthbertiMetr  46 Felgild 1 Anchorite
Event Bede.HE  v.1   When Guthfrith 2 and two other brothers where returning home from Farne Island, a wintry tempest arose. It ceased only when Ęthelwald 8 prayed to God for their life and safety.
Event Bede.HE  iv.28   Ecgfrith 4 and Trumwine 1, together with many other religious and powerful men, sailed to Farne Island to ask Cuthbert 1 to accept the bishopric of Lindisfarne.
Event Bede.HE  iv.28   After having tried without success to grow wheat, Cuthbert 1 asked the brothers for barley. He put it in the same ground long after the proper time of sowing. Yet an abundant crop quickly appeared.
Event Bede.HE  iv.28   When some brethren (Anonymi 676) were visiting, they dug in the midst of his dwelling a pit, and on the next day they found it full of water which came from within.
Event Bede.HE  iv.28   After driving away the evil spirits from Farne Island, Cuthbert 1 built a small dwelling-place with the help of the brothers.
Event Bede.HE  iii.16   While Aidan 1 was staying on Farne Island, he saw the flames coming from Bamburgh, which Penda 1 was trying to set on fire. He prayed to the Lord and the winds carried the flames in the direction of those who had kindled them.
Occupation Bede.HE  iv.27 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.HE  iv.29 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.HE  v.1 Cuthbert 1 Anchorite
Occupation Bede.HE  v.1 Ęthelwald 8 Anchorite
Event Alcuin.VersEubor  706-7   Cuthbert 1 expelled demons from Farne, making a residence for himself nearby.
Event Alcuin.VersEubor  676-80   Cuthbert 1 died in his solitary cell; the island was made sacred by his death.
Occupation OEMart  58 Ęthelwald 8 Anchorite
Event OEMart  58   Ęthelwald 8 occupied the hermitage at Farne Island for twelve years as the first person after Cuthbert 1.
Event OEMart  58   Ęthelwald 8 died on the twenty-first day of the month after he had dwelt in the hermitage on Farne Island for twelve years.
Event Symeonof Durham.HistoriadeSanctoCuthberto  3   Deciding to live more strictly, Cuthbert 1 departed from Melrose and took himself to a certain remote island called Farne and for nine years enclosed himself there as if in a prison, fighting against the enemy of mankind lest his mind be averted from God. The saintly bishop Aidan 1 long dwelt on this same island in the time of King Penda 1, son of Pybba 1, whom King Oswine 1 succeeded.