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Occupation Asser.VitAlfredi  102 Anonymi 166 Monk
Status Alcuin.VitRicharii  8 Anonymi 544 held status of Slave / Slave
Event B.VitDunstani  23   Dunstan 1 was forced to go into exile in Gaul. When his vessel had taken him three miles out to sea, there arrived messengers (Anonymi 1476) from Æthelgifu 7 who would have torn out his eyes if he had been found on English shores.
Event Lantfred.TransMiracSwithuni  32   Lantfred 1 travelled in France and was put up as a guest in the same village in which Anonymous 566 lay sick in unbearable pain.
Event Lantfred.TransMiracSwithuni  33   On a particular night Anonymous 568 yawned and did not make the sign of the cross on her mouth. She was violently seized by a demon.
Event Lantfred.TransMiracSwithuni  34   While detained in a dark prison, Anonymous 569 heard from merchants (Anonymi 1524) about Swithhun 5 and his post-mortem miracles. Anonymous 569 began to pray for Swithhun 5's intercession and was miraculously released from his chains and shackles.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.15, p. 534   Anonymous 636 sought in his habitual way to visit the people of Gaul and it happened that he was put up in an inn in the same town in which a distressed woman (Anonymous 566) was lying.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.15, pp. 532-4   For twenty days, Anonymous 566 lay in intense pain. Meanwhile, it happened that a certain priest (Anonymous 636) had gone to visit the people of Gaul and was staying in an inn in the same town as this diseased woman. Anonymous 566's husband (Anonymous 567), after hearing of the presence of Anonymous 636, sent some of his retainers (Anonymi 1646) to ask Anonymous 636 what remedy he could prescribe. Anonymous 636 said that he knew no medicine but that they should trust in the Lord; Anonymous 636 ordered that a new candle should be made quickly and lit in the church in honour of Swithhun 5. The husband (Anonymous 567) had a candle made without delay and delivered it to Anonymous 636 who then engraved a prayer on it. On the following day Anonymous 566 was cured.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.16, pp. 534-6   Anonymous 568 yawned during the night and neglected to make the sign of the Cross over her mouth and was thus punished by the cruelty of the evil demon.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.16, pp. 534-6   The kinsfolk (Anonymi 1647) of Anonymous 568 sent her from France to England. Eight months after she had first been struck by the pain, she was brought to Winchester and fell prostrate in prayers to Swithhun 5; she was immediately cured.
Event Wulfstan.NarrMetrSwithuno  ii.17, pp. 536-8   Anonymous 569 had been apprehended for theft and was locked in a dark prison and had his feet inserted in a hollow log. Anonymous 569 remembered that he had heard of the miracles performed by Swithhun 5 across the sea in England and, during the dead of the night, he begged Swithhun 5 to help him avoid execution. After he had spoken, his chains were immediately broken and the prison door was opened for him. Anonymous 569 departed and rejoiced that, through the intercession of Swithhun 5, he had escaped the death-penalty.
Event EncomiumEmmae  2.20   Cnut 3 went to Rome by way of Flanders, Gaul and Italy.
Event ASC (C-F)  1041 CD, 1040 EF(OE and Lat.)   And in this year Edward 15 came [CD: from beyond the sea; EF(OE): to this land from France; F(Lat.): to England].
Event Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.1   When the Danish ravagers burst in, the boy (Edward 15) was carried to his kinsmen in Francia, so that with them he could spend his childhood, or rather lest...the infant perish...
Event Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.1   The king of the Franks Henry 3, much pleased with the news, made with Edward 15 through ambassadors a treaty welcome to the friends of both.
Event Anon.VitaEdwardiRegis  I.2   When King Edward 15 of holy memory returned from Francia, quite a number of men from that nation, and they not base-born, accompanied him. And these, since he was master of the whole kingdom, he kept with him, enriched them with many honours, and made them his privy counsellors and administrators of the royal palace.
Personal Relationship Anon.LiberEliensis  I.1 Felix 2 was Friend of Sigeberht 3
Event Anon.LiberEliensis  I.1   After the death of Eorpwald 1, Felix 2 came to England with Sigeberht 3 and was made Bishop of East Anglia, taking up his see in the city of Dummoc.
Event WilliamofJumieges.Gesta Normannorum Ducum  II.7(13)   Messengers of Athelstan (Guthrum 1), king of the English, arrived, begging Rollo 1 to come immediately to his support, for some rebels, conspiring against him, had taken up arms. [Rollo 1] set off to attack the English. As soon as he arrived he put down the rebels with vigour, took hostages, and set them at the king's feet. Thereupon he again selected a large number of young men and returned to France, laden with rich gifts presented to him by the king.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.73.6-7   After the death of Æthelberht 3 and Sæberht 1, Mellitus 1 was deposed by the petty kings who followed, and came to Canterbury. There he found his fellows in a turmoil of problems; so, taking Justus 1 with him, he withdrew to Gaul to await calmer times. But God did not fail them; the heart of King Eadbald 2 was softened into belief, and both men were soon recalled. Justus 1 had no difficulty in entering his own see, but Eadbald 2 was powerless to restore Mellitus 1. For some time he held no office; but later, on Laurence 2's death, he was made archbishop of Canterbury.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  ii.74.1   The first bishop of the East Angles was a Burgundian, Felix 2, who became friends with Sigeberht 3 when he was in exile in Gaul and came with him to England after the death of Eorpwald 1. When the kingdom fell to Sigeberht 3, Felix 2 was ordained bishop and gave full support to the spirited king. He also founded schools of letters in suitable places, gradually bringing a barbarous people over to Latinate cultivation.
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iii.100.2   Wilfrid 2 was chosen to fill the see of York, and sent by King Aldfrith 1 [more likely by Ealhfrith 1], son of King Oswiu 1, to Gaul for consecration. While he dallied overseas, King Oswiu 1 foisted Chad 1 on the throne of York. Chad 1 was very holy, but his election was illegal. The wrong was set right when Theodore 1 was sent from the papal see to be archbishop of Canterbury: Chad 1 was removed, and Wilfrid 2 put on the throne.