Location: Wear (Durham) / River

Factoid List

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Event Anon.VitCuthberti  i.6   While Cuthbert 1 was praying and waiting for a storm to cease, during a journey from the south, his horse seized some thatch from the roof of a hut and with it there fell out a warm loaf and meat.
Event Bede.HE  iv.23   When Hild 1 was called back from the kingdom of East Anglia by Aidan 1, she received a hide of land north of the River Wear, where she lived for one year with a small group of companions.
Event Bede.HE  iv.18   Biscop 2 built a monastery
Transaction Bede.HistAb  1   granted land for the foundation of a monastery
Occupation Bede.HE  iv.23 Hild 1 Nun
Occupation Bede.HE  iv.23 Anonymi 668 Nun
Possession Bede.HE  iv.23 Hild 1 a hide of land on the north side of the River Wear
Event WilliamofMalmesbury.GestaPontificumAnglorum  iv.186.7   On either bank of the Wear, a river famous among the Northumbrians, Biscop 2 built monasteries, one called after Peter, one after Paul, but linked by ties of affection and discipline.